For the reassembly of “L’heure exquise” (rehearsed in Rovereto in the East.West spaces) Ferri had in any case chosen Maina Gielgud who until the 1970s was the soloist of Béjart’s Ballet du XXème siècle. “Naturally we have included my personal experiences and details so that the character is alive and mine, so that this is my Winnie”, adds the new protagonist. endowed with strong presence and verve. What we see played by Ferri is a delicate and at ease Winnie, still with the body of a girl, not wasted, as in Beckett, by the ravages of the years.

“We dancers have a relationship with our body that is not comparable with that of anyone, it is our tool since childhood. If you don’t stop, weight and shape hardly change over the years ”. she comments, urged on this topic.

In the play there are many silences, desired by the Marseille master and now more difficult to sustain for an audience in 2021. Many are the inspirations of the Bejartian and Beckettian character who are happy despite the decline. Before the curtain closes, however, it is difficult to believe in Winnie’s cheerfulness, when, with the pile of shoes that is now forcing her up to her neck, she sings in a low pitched voice: “The exquisite hour that intoxicates us …” by Lehár Real and completely visible are instead the joy and fullness of dancing of the interpreter. Says Ferri: “It starts with passion, because it is a dream that lives there. Then, during the career, there are thoughts and constraints. But now that the career is done, what I have now is all more and so I returned to the pure joy of dance. I arrived at a chapter in the book of my life where I did not think I would arrive and so I was able to fully get back in touch with the original flame that animates me and animated me. And that is my most intimate part. It’s like a gift ”. And it shows.

L’Heure Exquise, Variations on a theme by Samuel Beckett Oh, les beaux jours, directed and choreographed by Maurice Béjart by Maina Gielgud, dancers Alessandra Ferri, Carsten Jungscene Roger Bernard lights Maina Gielgud, Marcello Marchicostumi, Luisa Spinatelli, music by Anton Webern, Gustav Mahler, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Lehár

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