The comeback of Jay Lou and Ben Affleck managed to excite even those who did not remember the two starring in gossip magazines in 2003. What exactly managed to bring the two back into each other’s shapely arms? We seem to have an idea

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It was not easy and we had to sit quietly until some Hollywood photographer managed to capture the restaurant kiss image of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, but it happened a few weeks ago and we finally got the century rebound we have been waiting for so long.

What has changed since the two parted ways somewhere in 2003? It’s easier to say what’s not, but let’s all save us the work: social media and Instagram have managed to dominate the world. Studies have already shown that it is more difficult to have relationships in the current era and that the divorce rate has climbed in recent years. And what did the two shrinkers do? In the first place, they did not manage the relationship on Instagram.

True, we got a glimpse of Jay Lou’s birthday celebrations on a yacht not only from the paparazzi cameras, but from Lopez herself and even just like that they confirmed the comeback in question, but from a simple check we did here on the system, we found that the two do not follow each other on social media.

In a country where separations, comebacks and even bites are taking place in history (remember “Goldigrit” and “We promised each other” by Ortal Amar and Ben El Tavori?) And only then outline the reality – Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decided to do the complete opposite and this time only hope That it will succeed for them.

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