The jury of the XXII Gerardo Diego International Prize for Literary Research has unanimously awarded the award for 2022 to Raúl Enrique Asencio for his work ‘Waiting. The poetry of José Jiménez Lozano‘.

The jury was made up of Francisco Javier Diez de Revenga (University of Murcia), Pilar Palomo Vazquez (Complutense University of Madrid), Rosa Navarro Duran (University of Barcelona), Antonio Sanchez Trigueros (University of Granada) and Jose Luis Bernal Salgado (University of Extremadura).

“A complete and detailed analysis of the poetry of a late poet –Jiménez Lozano published his first collection of poems at the age of 62, in 1992–, widely recognized as an essayist and novelist, Cervantes Prize in 2002, with an indisputable poetic force, but little known despite his nine published collections of poems“, has pointed out Díez de Revenga, president of the jury.

“Jiménes Lozano was an original poet of enormous aesthetic quality, with intense poetry, with a multitude of nuances and themes, of which it is worth highlighting its philosophical and religious character“, has added.

The jury has highlighted the “very modern religious vision” of the author — “his house, in a town where he grew his vegetables and had chickens, was an enclosure of freedom”, Pilar Palomo remarked– and has described it as “a rarity in the poetic panorama”.

In addition, he has highlighted the enjoyment in reading the winning work, “from which one learns happily.” “Thrilling. It shows a deep knowledge of the author, very careful and well written, perfectly interweaves the analysis of Jiménez Lozano’s poetry with the rest of his work. It goes beyond academic work, it is a calm and mature essay”, they have indicated.

“The author has shown exquisite care in all the details, even in the titles of the epigraphs, suggestive and sonorous”, he pointed out. ‘Waiting’ is a study that “faces high-minded” to a Catholic thinker from the same philosophical sources that fed the work of José Jiménez Lozano, who died in 2020.

The award is convened by the Gerardo Diego Foundation, the Ministry of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports of the Government of Cantabria and the Santander City Council. The winning work will be published by the Pre-Textos publishing house before the end of the year.

Raúl Enrique Asencio (Aspe, Alicante, 1993), PhD in Literature from the UCM, is the editorial coordinator of the La Caja Books label and teaches narrative techniques in the Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at UNIR. He is also a regular contributor to literary criticism magazines such as Turia or Temblor. With the poems “Event Horizon” won the 2020 Complutense Prize for Literature. He lives in Zaragoza.

The Gerardo Diego International Prize for Literary Research was born 22 years ago. Convened annually by the Gerardo Diego Foundation, the Government of Cantabria (through the Ministry of Universities, Equality, Culture and Sports) and the Santander City Council, it awards an unpublished essay dealing with Spanish poetry of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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