Nicole Richie’s hair is on fire

The former Paris Hilton bestie celebrated a birthday and as usual, also received a cake full of candles. But Nicole Richie did not expect this stressful incident: while she was putting out the candles, her hair was burning and the fire reached her almost to her ears. Lucky it all ended with a smile

From the days of “The Simple Life” in which Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, two wealthy girlfriends who did not work a day in their lives and occasionally got involved with law enforcement (such as the time Richie held heroin in her car and was caught drunk driving), we continue to follow After the exploits of Richie, who has long since shunned the title of “best friend of.”

In recent years Richie has maintained an active Instagram account, family and also a career as a fashionable Itgirl. She is also interviewed quite a bit and talks about eating disorders, drugs and detoxification. This week Ritchie celebrated her 40th birthday with quite a few friends and a scary incident occurred at the venue.

Richie’s friends brought her a festive cake with lit candles, on which she would blow and ask for what was on her heart, as usual. But as she approached the cake, her scattered hair went up in flames and the fire took over. For a few scary seconds she bravely coped with burning hair but eventually smiled as she managed to take control of the situation. Goodbye hair and good luck in the 41st year to smile.

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