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The break My Soul hit encourages you to give up the squirrel wheel of working life.

Beyoncén new Break My Soul The first verses of the first verse of the song are not the most common poplars.

”Now, I just fell in love / And I just quit my job / I’m gonna find new drive”.

Break My Soul picture great resignationiksi that is, the great social upheaval that has taken place in the United States since the spring of 2021, called the Great Departure. Record number people have taken the final account of their work and decided to rearrange their lives.

As one a compelling reason has been the need to work remotely during the coronary pandemic, during which many workers have begun to reflect on their own use of time. With the restrictions eased, many would have liked to continue working remotely, but this has not been possible in nearly all workplaces.

Employees are no longer interested in sitting in the office for eight hours and in traffic jams for a couple of hours on the commute.

Or as Beyoncé puts it:

”Damn, they work me so damn hard / Work by nine / Then off past five / And they work my nerves / That’s why I cannot sleep at night.”

It’s no huge surprise that Beyoncé chooses the social corner of the world’s most popular American pop star for her song.

For years, she has wanted to highlight the role of women in the world alongside basic topics such as dancing in 2016. Lemonadealbum, especially the identity of a black American woman.

So Beyoncé has gained a foothold in a continuum of favorite American social artists Aretha Franklinin and Marvin Gayen as a result.

Socially is also significant Break My Soulin A message for sexual minorities.

Beyoncé mentions “the Queens in the front” and “doms in the back” in the song, but also quotes the song Big Freedian pieces Explode from 2014.

Big Freedia is one of the key artists in bounce music born in New Orleans. Bounce is a subspecies of rap that is especially popular with the LGBTQ community, and Big Freedia is a gay man. Most of the rap music has been and still is controlled by heterosexuals.

Beyoncé’s song is already there declared important gay anthem.

Musically Break My Soul however, is most influenced by the 1990s House. The image comes from a simple syncopated bass pattern, a percussive electro orchestra, and the synthetic piano sound of a 90s popular Korg M1 keyboard.

This 30-year-old sound of electronic dance music has been enthusiastically lent to new pop hits in recent years, in Finland, for example. Mallan on last year’s debut album, although the 90s house has never had time to be forgotten for a very long time.

Especially in Britain, the meager but harmonious garage house and the resulting UK garage also rise to the pop lists from time to time.

With its huge global popularity, Beyoncé is now recycling the genre to a wider audience than usual.

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