It’s been a good few months since Ashley Graham, the beloved Hollywood plus.size model, provided us with stunning pictures of a stunning pregnant belly and now, just a few weeks before she is due to give birth, she finally reveals that these are actually twins

Photo: instagram

In early July Ashley Graham announced to the world that she was pregnant for the second time and exciting. The star and her partner, Justin Erwin, gave birth to their first son in the world in January 2020, and since then Ashley has maintained an Instagram account full of and photogenic parenting, often boasting of her naked and pregnant body.

Now the model has finally revealed what exactly awaits her and Erwin in the upcoming birth and of course she did it with a video she posted on her Instagram: Graham went to her gynecologist and this, after an examination, told her that in fact two fetuses and two males are growing in her womb.

“are you serious?” Graham laughed at the news. “Will we have three sons?” Well yes, very soon the little family is going to expand and we are already getting ready for the double sweetness that is going to bombard us with the feed.

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