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The deputy of Citizens Guillermo Diaz has urged the socialist group in Congress to stop “attend undaunted to the permanent exaltation of terrorists”, after the tribute celebrated by the deputy of EH.Bildu Mertxe Aizpurua to the figure of the playwright Alfonso Tailor, recently deceased.

This is what I was missing to hear this morning, a tribute to Alfonso Sastre here in the rostrum, “Diaz lamented during his speech in the debate for Approve the Bill for aid to the cultural sector due to the health and economic crisis generated by COVID.19.

“¿What do you like most about Sastre’s work? His participation in the murders for which he was convicted or his membership in the terrorist gang ETA? Why are you looking at Tailor? Can you tell me which is your favorite work? If you know it completely, tell us about it, because there are many things to be clarified of this type, “he lamented.

Díaz has also addressed the socialist group, since he understands that they are not acting against this type of statement. “And you, socialists, it is worth attending undaunted by the permanent exaltation of terrorists, that this already passes from light to dark “, said Díaz.

“You yesterday in the Senate did not support banning homages to terrorists and you are all damn day thinking about the victims of the Franco regime and Franco, who is very good, but we have people alive in this Hemicycle who have suffered the barbarism of terrorism “, has criticized. For Diaz, the socialist group is “normalizing a very dangerous issue and in time they will regret it.”

This is the emptying of the State, we must not pay tribute to Tailor for absolutely nothing. What a shame of intervention“Diaz continued, alluding to the words of Aizpurua, who has been” proud “of bringing the figure of Tailor to the rostrum of Congress, “a great playwright, forgotten and ignored by the officers”.

“He is an intellectual to whom institutional silence and punishment for thinking differently accompanied him in his life. He was a great author who, despite everything, knew how to live in the discreet charm of marginalization. He is the greatest Spanish playwright or one of the greatest and a great Basque, because he decided to be and lived in a country that loved and admired him.“, has indicated the Basque deputy.

“His work was a permanent pulse against censorship and his life a commitment to freedom. He was a great author, a lucid intellectual who did not fight against mills but against giants and was a builder of great paradoxes: ‘peace is a subversive idea’“, Aizpurua pointed out.

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