Tarnished by another scandal, Prince Charles launches an offensive to clean his image

After the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, bad news for the House of Windsor. Prince Charles, the next heir to the British throne, began his “prestige repair operation” after it was revealed that he had personally received one million euros in cash on behalf of the former prime minister of Qatar and had held 95 meetings with Royals of the Middle East 10 years ago, after the “Arab spring”.

A link that allows Great Britain to maintain oiled relations with the monarchical autocracies of the Gulf and sell weapons, under a diplomacy royal.

But the Gulf monarchs reward these visits with millionaire monetary gifts, as part of a tradition that created serious problems for King Emeritus Juan Carlos of Spain.

The prince “will never again accept large cash donations on behalf of his charities,” a very senior royal palace source said on Thursday. He clarified that he has also not received any donations in the last five years.

“Operation Grandpa”

But the strangest news was the belated spread of how Prince Charles had a “very emotional first meeting with his granddaughter Lilibet” and “his meeting with his grandson Archie during the visit of Harry and Meghan, the Dukes of Sussex, during the celebrations of the Jubilee”.

The comment was made by the royal spokesman on Thursday, when the meeting was three weeks ago. They had never officially referred to him, her and her grandchildren.

The heir was “absolutely delighted” to “see Harry, Meghan and their children together with Camilla during the jubilee celebrations” and as “part of the family”. The vocabulary belongs to the spokesperson.

the absent

The reality is that the Sussexes were the most conspicuous absentees at the Jubilee celebrations. They were removed from the royal balcony because only the “Working Royal Family” could attend and they had abandoned it.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan after Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee ceremony in London on June 3. Photo: REUTERS Prince Harry and his wife Meghan after Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee ceremony in London on June 3. Photo: REUTERS

His presence at St Paul’s Cathedral was ignored and the sixth heir to the throne was put in the second row, along with his inactive cousins Royal.

The Sussexes celebrated their daughter Lilibet’s birthday at their Frogmore Cottagge home, without significant visits from the royal family. Her grandparents didn’t go to the party. The queen met her granddaughter but did not allow photos.

They left early for Santa Barbara, California, when the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations were not yet over, on their Bombardier charter plane. Now they are finishing a documentary about his life, which the Royal House fears.

At the same time, Buckingham Palace buried the public appearance of the investigation into the alleged bullying of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, to its staff, and will never publish it.

Your lessons will be incorporated into your human resources policy. But they never interviewed Meghan or all the employees to prove it. The duchess and her lawyers completely denied the allegations.

They accused them of wanting to turn her into a “scapegoat”, when there was already a crisis between the Sussexes and the palace officials, who relegated them.

It was speculated that the main concern of the palace at this time is avoid the risk of further confrontation with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who denied claims of bullying by Jason Knauf, their former communications secretary.

speculations and doubts

What is happening? Is Prince Charles trying to get out of this Qatari money bag “diplomatic scramble” because the queen may abdicate early?

Although he is in his palace in Edinburgh, smiling, happy and with his cane. doIt is that he runs the risk of not being the heir? The Royal House can be brutal if it comes to keeping the monarchy alive. Is there a reconciliation between Harry and his father?

The machinery of the House of Windsor was launched to “positivize” the image of the Prince of Wales, who has not left the front page since Sunday The Sunday Times of London revealed the delivery of 3 million euros from Sheikh Hamad bin Hassin bin Jaber Al Thani to the British heir, in a succession of cash bags.

Carlos and his wife Camilla, during a horse race, in June. Photo: REUTERS Carlos and his wife Camilla, during a horse race, in June. Photo: REUTERS

Officially it was for his charities and the upkeep of his Scottish palace. “It will never happen again,” the royal spokesman said.

Couldn’t be a worse time for that reveal. Carlos is being a de facto regent for his mother, Queen Elizabeth, affected “by mobility problems.”

The queen would not officially abdicate if her health does not compel her. There are days that she has great difficulty moving and others who walk without a cane and have returned to horseback riding.

¿Prince Charles and his son Harry have reconciled? The objective of Clarence House, the prince’s residence, is to show that this fracture no longer exists, that Harry and Meghan are part of the family, and he is “delighted” to meet his new granddaughter and “to see Archie again” , who turned 3 years without seeing him.

Also show that Harry and Meghan are now financially independent.

“A big credit to them. They said they wanted a transition to financial independence and this has now been achieved,” the royal source said.

sudden friendliness

But how do you explain this exuberance of warmth and love when the Sussexes were brutally isolated at the Jubilee?

The answer could be that Prince Charles you need to officially show an image of functionality and family affection After so much dysfunction, he mistreated Princess Diana with his deceptions, a bad relationship with William and Harry until now, after the crisis with the Sussexes, the relationship with William is closer. Positive press is the most desperate need for him.

Harry, who stepped down as a royal senior in 2020, has had a troubled relationship with Prince Charles. He has told how he was disappointed and how his father stopped taking his calls at one point and did not help him financially when he was leaving the Royal Family.

He had to use the funds he had inherited from his mother, Princess Diana, to buy his house. When the children of the Prince of Wales historically live on the millionaire funds of the Duchy of Cornwall, which the Royal Family has for that purpose. Like Prince William and his wife, Kate.

The Sussexes left the monarchy in crisis, after using an interview with Oprah Winfrey to accuse an anonymous Royal member of being racist towards her son before he was born, and the institution of failing to help Meghan when she had suicidal thoughts during her pregnancy. .

But a senior royal source, at Clarence House’s annual financial review briefing, said it had been “wonderful” to have the Sussexes back in the UK in early June.

“It was fantastic to see them. It was wonderful to have them back in Britain,” the source said.

“The prince, of course, hasn’t seen his grandson Archie for a while, so it was very, very, very special to spend time with him. He hadn’t met Lili, her granddaughter, so meeting her was very emotional, very, very wonderful.”

Earlier this month it emerged that the Sussexes did not spend private time with Prince William, Kate and their children during the Jubilee. His cousins ​​George, Charlotte and Louis, children of William and Kate, the Dukes of Cambridge and heirs to the throne, do not know their American cousins. William and Harry still don’t speak to each other.

A source said the relationship between the brothers remains “tense”, following the Sussexes’ transatlantic “truth bombs” about the royal family on Oprah and podcasts in the US.

Kate and William chatted with Prince Charles and Camilla inside St Paul’s Cathedral. But there was no sign of the same relationship with Harry and Meghan, who sat between Lady Sarah Chatto and Princess Eugenie’s husband, Jack Brooksbank, and had strict instructions to keep a low profile during the event.

It is surprising to discover that Prince Charles was very delighted to meet his granddaughter, one year after her birth, and to see his grandson after three years. A charming and close grandfather.

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