Art Basel, the first after the pandemic introduces 24 new galleries

Art Basel, the international epicenter of the art market that moves several million euros, is finally back with its first edition after the pandemic in a hybrid version in which events have alternated in presence and remotely. In fact, they were also able to exhibit gallery owners who were not physically in Basel but who were represented by factotums appointed by the fair organization.

Following the route traced by the curators, one realizes perfectly how important it is for art users to be able to come back and attend events on this scale. On the recovery after the health emergency Marc Spiegler, global director of Art Basel, says: “Although the pandemic was a time of resilience and innovation, it was not always a moment of discovery: the patrons did not have the opportunity to know the work of new artists; similarly, galleries have not had ample opportunities to meet new collectors who can support their programs. That’s why it’s so important to be able to stage our show again in person, while leveraging last year’s digital innovations to continue engaging the widest possible audience. ‘

Since 1970

Founded in 1970 by the most important gallery owners of the city of Basel, Art Basel soon became a reference point for modern and contemporary art. Through the editions that see Miami Beach and Hong Kong as protagonists over time, the echo has been further amplified up to the landing on digital platforms for which specific events are built.

The Galleries

The stands were conceived as real “pop.up” galleries rather than exhibition spaces. The Beyeler Foundation, chaired by Sam Keller, stands out as one of the most prestigious presences to register in this edition on a special occasion or to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ernst Beyeler, founder of the museum and co.founder of Art Basel through two exceptional artists; Francis Bacon (with three monumental works not destined for the market) and Felix Gonzales.Torres.

Again Landau Fine Art based in Montreal and Lucerne, which has exhibited an incredible number of works including Picasso (sculptures, paintings and drawings), Giacometti, Mirò, Kandinsky, De Chirico, Magritte, Léger, Klee and Kandisnky, Braque, (without mentioning them all), to the delight of collectors, museum directors and “poor mortals”.

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