After exaggerating with Photoshop, Chloe Kardashian has taken a really real direction especially recently and exposed her hair without extensions. Now the star has revealed in a conversation with fans that the corona also affected her hair, which started to fall out because of the virus

Chloe Kardashian is one of the sisters we love more in the Kardashian family, and more than she loves us back she loves doing Photoshop. The star has often provoked such and such network storms with beautifully ragged images of herself, and in recent weeks she has been trying to start going back to the sources. After revealing her real hair on Instagram – now she reveals that she has lost quite a bit of it.

As you may recall, in the last season of “The Kardashian Family” (E!) It was revealed that Chloe became ill in Corona during the first wave of the virus. Chloe has repeatedly spoken out about dealing with the virus – which has hit her particularly hard – and in a live chat she conducted on her Twitter she revealed further damage caused by the disease.

“My hair really fell out because of the corona,” she said. “It was really a complex confrontation.” Chloe took the stage to promote the brand she represents, Dose & Co, and said their products “helped a lot”. “I used their powders and I take a lot of vitamins. It’s easy for me.”

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