Despite a doubling in earnings, Claus Meyer does not succeed in creating green figures on the bottom line

Well-known restaurateur and businessman Claus Meyer again makes a lot of money.

While the closure of the corona in 2020 severely affected the revenue of the Meyer Group, the accounts for 2021 in Claus Meyer Holding A / S look somewhat better.

The Group’s gross profit, which corresponds to revenue excluding a number of costs, is just over DKK 31 million for 2021, while the year before it was as low as DKK 15 million.

If you look at the result of the operations in the group’s subsidiaries, which include Hotel Saxkjøbing and Meyers Lyngby, it has thus succeeded in turning a loss of DKK 8.5 million in 2020 to a profit of DKK 8.1 million in 2021.

Unfortunately for Claus Meyer, who owns the holding company with his four children, luck has not been with them when looking at the result of the company’s financial items, which end up in a deficit of 9.3 million kroner.

Thus, the total result for the year will be a loss of 1.2 million kroner, which must be said to be a significant improvement compared to the deficit of 56.5 million, which was the result in 2020.

‘Best ever’
The positive development has also left room to be able to pay a dividend of one million kroner, just as the equity in the holding company, which last year suffered massively from the large deficit, has stabilized at 93 million kroner.

Claus Meyer also seems to be quite happy with the accounts, which he has commented on in the management’s report.

‘Despite the many challenges at the beginning of 2021, the parent company has managed to increase its gross profit to just over double’, Meyer writes and adds:

‘There is the same positive trend across the group’s operating companies’.

Here he highlights two subsidiaries that are particularly to blame for the positive development.

‘Especially Hotel Saxkjøbing, which came out with its first positive operating result in over 20 years (188,000 kroner, ed.), And Meyers Spisehus in Lyngby, which delivered its best operating result ever’, the management report states.

The expectation is that the financial year 2022 will be even better despite continued challenges with corona closure, if one disregards the development in the stock markets, which will probably have a significant effect on the result.

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