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It was a happy Zindy Laursen who in July last year could tell Ekstra Bladet that she and her ex-boyfriend Bjørn Vidø had found each other again after they had been apart for a short period.

The wedding plans were therefore quickly resumed by the couple, who again hovered on a pink cloud.

Unfortunately, the couple must now state that they have to look far after the wedding – at least with each other.

They have in fact gone apart again.

Zindy Laursen, who currently lives in New York, confirms this to Ekstra Bladet.

‘Unfortunately I’m not with him anymore. We found each other again and gave it another chance, but unfortunately it did not last ‘, she writes in a message.

Very sorry
Here, too, she makes no secret of the fact that she is very sorry that the relationship did not last.

‘Of course I’m really sorry. I thought we were going to get married this summer and grow old together. But that’s just not always the case ‘, she continues and says that she therefore now keeps herself busy with other things.

‘Right now I’m in Louisiana and celebrating the 4th of July and to celebrate my birthday on July 23,’ she continues.

Although the relationship with Bjørn Vidø did not last, Zindy Laursen says that she has certainly not given up on love.

‘I actually have the courage for love and really want to date and hopefully find a really sweet man I can settle down with,’ she writes.

Zindy Laursen and Bjørn Vidø, who work with music and sound design, met each other in a sound studio in 2019 and became lovers shortly after.

Zindy Laursen has, among other things, previously formed a couple with rapper Kuku Agami.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Bjørn Vidø, but at the time of writing it has not been possible.

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