The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, has presented the program of activities on the occasion of the first celebration of the Spanish Cinema Day, which will take place on next Wednesday, October 6, ensuring that the rooms are “the first letter” of the sector for your department.

Movie theaters have been the whole chain of culture probably the most affected and we believe in them. We don’t want to give them up. We do not play everything to a single card, but they are the first “, said the minister, who has vindicated with humor the value of the big screen.

Let me say in this case that size does matter and a large screen is better. Movie theaters reach many people and from Culture we want to support them so that they do not feel alone, “he pointed out. Precisely, the Council of Ministers next Tuesday will give the green light to aid of 10.2 million euros for Spanish exhibitors .

We love movies and we will do everything we can to help exhibitors get through this difficult part.. There are those who think that platforms can replace them, but it is not like that, “remarked Iceta at the presentation of the Spanish Cinema Day.


The minister was accompanied by the general director of the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), Beatriz Navas. On March 9, the Council of Ministers agreed to establish October 6 as Spanish Cinema Day – the date coincides with the end of the production of ‘That Happy Couple’, a film directed and scripted by Bardem and Berlanga and starring by Fernando Fernán Gómez–.

In total, will carry out more than 250 national activities and international organized by institutions and entities related to the world of cinema. Around 100 countries with 50 embassies, 40 Cervantes institutes and 18 cultural centers of Spain abroad, autonomous communities, film libraries, film academies and the main Spanish film festivals will join this celebration.

In addition, there will be 246 screenings, audiovisual literacy activities in more than 30 educational centers and all the agents involved in the cinema value chain will participate: institutions, production companies, distributors, exhibitors, film schools, televisions, VOD platforms, festivals, film libraries and academies.

The main event will take place next Wednesday, October 6, at 12 noon, at the Doré cinema and has had the collaboration of six National Film Awards such as José Sacristán, Mercedes Sampietro, Esther García, Félix Murcia, Josefina Molina and Alberto Iglesias.

Thus, six sequences of different films in the history of Spanish cinema will be screened to understand how words on paper become images and sound on the screen.


For its part, the Spanish Film Library will make freely available the films ‘That happy couple’ by Luis García.Berlanga and Juan Antonio Bardem (1951), ‘Electric Hotel’ by Segundo Chomón (1908) and ‘El camino’ by Ana Mariscal (1963 ), for its projection both in educational institutions, cultural associations and other organizations.

In addition, next Tuesday, October 5, the exhibition organized by the Spanish Film Library ‘Álex de la Iglesia. Cinema as one of the Fine Arts’. Although Navas has not detailed the specific item that will be allocated to these celebrations, he has clarified that amounts that were already in the ICAA budget have been used for the organization of events.

“We wanted many people to participate and that there were many complicities. The objective was to add complicities and that it was not just a matter of the Ministry. For more money that had been spent, the objective would not be achieved more easily,” added Iceta. In addition to these actions, with the hashtag ‘# DíadelCineEspañol’, the Ministry of Culture and Sports is carrying out a campaign on all its social networks.


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