About two weeks ago Princess Beatrice gave birth to her first daughter, and the excitement at the palace was at its peak. Now her partner has revealed the name they chose for her – who was chosen because of someone very special in their lives

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On September 18, Princess Beatrice, the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, became a mother for the first time in her life, when she gave birth to her first daughter after nine months of photogenic pregnancy. The palace was quick to announce with excitement that Prince Andrew’s daughter had given birth to the sweet daughter, and now, in an exciting post he posted on his Instagram page, the princess’ partner has revealed the name they chose for her.

Eduardo Maffli Motzi, whom Princess Beatrice married in July 2020, shared on his Instagram page a sweet photo of his second daughter’s foot claim, revealing her name in an exciting post. “Sienna Elizabeth from the Dark Falls, our life together has just begun and I can not wait to see all the amazing things that await us,” he wrote. “I feel so much love and gratitude for my amazing wife, Baby Sienna and Wolfie (Eduardo’s five.year.old son from his previous marriage). These are days I will never forget. A friend told me a sweet sentence, that with every child you raise a whole new heart.”

Twitter was quick to support Beatrice and Eduardo’s decision to give their daughter the Queen’s full name, rather than a nickname as Harry and Megan did with their daughter, Lilib. “This is how you make a tribute to someone special,” tweeted one of the surfers. “Do not use anyone’s first name! I absolutely love Sienna’s name. So do we!

That’s how you pay tribute to someone special.. not using the person’s very private nickname! I absolutely love Siennas’s name

. The Cambridges (@loveforcambridg) October 1, 2021

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