Trooper: “Speech shortening on the Ophir Awards broadcast is puzzling and unsettling”

Culture Minister Hili Trooper today (Wednesday) expressed outrage at the organizers of the Ophir Awards ceremony, after his speech was significantly slashed in the version of the ceremony broadcast on television. The speech was significantly shortened, so that it was broadcast for only one minute, although it lasted about six minutes. Sources close to the minister claimed that “patriotic and Zionist words” were hidden from the speech, although it was promised that the speech would be broadcast in full.

“Yesterday I spoke at the Ophir Awards ceremony. My words about reconciliation, tolerance, Zionism and patriotism were not seen or heard by viewers at home. “Including falsely accusing the State of Israel of ethnic cleansing (ie transfer or massacre). No less,” Trooper wrote in a Facebook post.

“As I said at the ceremony itself, I try to avoid confrontations and clashes. I thought there were enough of these, and how unfortunate it seems that there are those who can not get rid of them. But in any case, I do not intend to give up my positions and express them. “Others are puzzling and uneasy. This is not a personal insult as it is a failed expectation – for fair and honest conduct,” he added.

“For those who still believe that there is a possibility of a little less hatred and much more partnership; for those who believe in freedom of creation and the possibility of containing criticism and harsh attitudes, but also to be an Israeli patriot and to be proud of being a Jewish.democratic and Zionist state;” The things, “Trooper concluded the post.

Among the passages that were shelved from the speech: “For example, I have a clear identity. Among other things, it includes being a Zionist Jew and an Israeli patriot. This is my identity and I am whole with it and proud of it, but precisely because I am so convinced I have no difficulty listening and criticizing. “A self and a truly strong state and not only as an empty political slogan, it also has the ability to contain opposing positions and diverse identities.”

The Academy of Film and Television responded: “Many pieces of content, including speeches, transitions and winning speeches, have been edited and shortened to produce a television broadcast that will stand during the broadcast scheduled for the ceremony. All speeches, including Minister Trooper’s important speech, will be fully posted D. On this occasion, we thank the Minister again for his participation in the ceremony and his support in the world of cinema and culture. ”

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