HBO has released the teaser for the new series, which is a “prequel” to the successful “Game of Thrones” series. The series will be called “Dragon House” and will focus on the civil war that took place during the reign of the Tragarian family, 200 years before the events presented in the original series.

In the teaser you can hear the character played by Matt Smith, known from his roles as “Doctor Who” and Prince Charles in the series “The Crown”, says the following lines: “Gods, kings, fire and blood. Dreams did not make us kings, the dragons did.”

The Game of Thrones series ran for eight seasons and was the most watched in the world. However, many fans of the series and TV critics expressed their disappointment with the way the series ended. Even during the broadcast of the series, there were many reports that the HBO network had ordered several “Prequel” series, including “The Dragon House”, which, as mentioned, will be broadcast next year.

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