Minister of Culture Hili Trooper today (Thursday) in an interview with Nissim Mashaal and Guy Peleg referred to the storm surrounding the Ophir Awards ceremony: “Summary in advance that I will speak, I scheduled the speech according to the time of the broadcast and spoke. It was a complex evening, because they recorded the whole thing and broadcast it at the same time in Delhi.

Troper added that “on the other hand, if they were all omitted, it would be okay. But those who did remain in the editing were actors who won the award and say, among other things, that Israel is carrying out ethnic cleansing, that is a bad feeling.”

According to the Minister of Culture, “This is really not personal. In any case, in my speech I did not talk about myself. This is not my style. I had a value statement to say. I have deep self.confidence in my Israeli identity and the country has no problem containing critical voices. ”

Trooper went on to say: “To say that Israel performs this ethnic cleansing in the world of plot, it is between transfer and massacre. It is in the worlds of plot. One might think that this is the story of Israeli cinema, absolutely not. It is unnecessary”.

Finally, Trooper said: “As the State of Israel we can contain critical films, my difficulty is when it comes to places of ethnic cleansing, of false plots. As for the budget, the State of Israel thinks culture is important and it needs freedom to create it. The separation between politics and filmmaking is correct. “The law also sets the limits, it will not fund incitement or hate films.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ofri Glichman / 103 fm

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