Somewhere in South Korea, one sitting, Wang Dong.sucking, watches a screen displaying his bank account and rubs his hands happily at the piles of money swelling there with dizzying speed. Netflix offices are also happily dancing to those who decided to buy the rights to “The Squid Game” and produce the series from Dong Hyunk, while more and more new media companies from around the world are calling for requests and pleas to purchase the nine episodes that will become the most watched series in Netflix history.

And perhaps most important of all are several Chinese villages located on the banks of the Yangtze, all of whose inhabitants, male and female, from small to old, are recruited for the mission and their heads are bent over the old sewing machines and produce tens of thousands of pink suits, plus the same color Hiding their faces. Must hurry.

Each nation and nation and each religion has its own costume holiday, and after the outdated “Slave Story” costume, and before the next series arrives with its own costume, one should sell as many “squid game” costumes as possible, so go ahead, nice village, no time. The big money speaks. Feel for work.

This is what is called the “art” in the “squid game”, which is impossible to argue about. He’s just great. The costumes of the guards in aesthetic pink compared to the actors who are getting dirty. The picturesque transition between the living floor and the play areas. The design of the living spaces and games – all these are bingo, a salute to the people in charge of the craft. Even the blood shed in abundance is not photographed too closely so as not to damage the viewer’s stomach and drive it off the screen. Really well done.

The highlight of course is in the games themselves, where the name Hart becomes a violent concert of colors. But when you move on to math, to a little addition and subtraction, a somewhat disturbing truth begins to be revealed. Each episode lasts about an hour. Double nine comes out nine hours. Deducting the game time that usually does not take more than a few minutes, there are plus or minus eight hours left, and in those “the squid game” is a continuous brain sputtering.

The chauvinism in the series is blatant and low. Women are weak and stupid. The Dead Sea is low and every other failing element in the series is the dialogues between the characters. Shallow, infantile, impossible in imitating adult behavior. In one second, A. participates in a happy dialogue and is in heaven, the next second he is exhausted and depressed, and in another second he is impossibly happy again, just as the script that must have been written by his third grade graduate son dictates.

Art is usually not detached from the environment in which it takes place. In “The Squid Game”, especially in the dialogues between the characters, it is difficult to find anything that bridges the annoying shallowness in the players’ mouths to the immense sophistication that turned South Korea from one of the poorest countries in the world into an economic power on its soil.

The answer to this dissonance is simple – minus the bright colors, “The Squid Game” is a tedious series that from the fifth episode onwards you can stop watching with peace of mind. Left the remote and in a huge conversion will start working on the Fast Forward button. And you can also ask an acquaintance who has seen to the end. Highly recommended.

To see or give up: not to see. Do not listen and do not believe the noise around. Silly and tedious.

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