The unrealized affair between Maeve and Otis breaks Guinness records in smearing. A monstrous new principal arrives at the school and decides to forcibly suppress sex education. And here she just had a season

A Guinness record is set before our eyes and the world is silent. For three seasons it has been smeared and stretched like chewing gum The unfulfilled love story between Otis and Maeve, and as things are already coming out at the end of the third season, and it seems like you can already breathe a sigh of relief, Maeve miraculously receives money Fourth stretch the gum a little more.

The truth is that whatever it looks like, the creators of this decidedly endearing series in its previous seasons, did not so much know, or did not find a particularly successful idea, what to do with the new season that rolled into their hands. So some of the characters are left as dull as they are: to a person glued to a face with strong touch glue the unchanging expression of a martyred saint. Otis remained the same terrified terrified rabbit. The colorful Eric remains the same colorful Eric. The wild and rebellious Maeve from the first season has been turned into a righteous Gmh director who takes on the troubles of the whole world.

Then, due to the same lack of real idea, they brought to the school a principal who obliges the students in uniform, walking the corridors on painted stripes only, and worst of all – stopping the increased sexual activity in the educational institution. A few episodes are wasted on the principal until of course she fails, a few more on the twists and turns of Maeve Otis, and hop, she’s finished a season without feeling like it’s passed here in our fields. Too bad.

See or give up: barely enough. Only if you must. A cool series that has faded.

By Editor