Defeated Tom Cruise: Russian actress Julia Persilde and director Kalim Shifanok took to the International Space Station today (Tuesday) to shoot their first film in space, thus anticipating the joint project of the “Mission Impossible” star and the founder of Spice.X, Oak Musk.

The Soyuz spacecraft took off from the launch base in Bikonur, Kazakhstan, where in addition to Parsild (37) and Shifenko (38), it also had veteran cosmonaut Anton Anton Keplerov, for whom this is the fourth flight to the space station.

During their 12 days at the station, Presild will shoot and pamper scenes for the film “The Challenge,” the first to be shot in space with the participation of a professional actor. Persild plays a heart surgeon who flew into space to perform emergency surgery on a cosmonaut who suffered a heart attack while walking in space. They will return to Earth with cosmonaut Oleg Nowitzki who completes six months in space.

International Space Station (Photo: Reuters)

“We worked very hard and got very tired. It was very difficult psychologically, physically and mentally,” said Persild, a mother of two, about the hard training she has undergone since May ahead of the mission. “As an actress, I never had expectations to get into space.” Shifanko admitted that some of the plans at the station might not work and called the filming an “experiment.”

The Russian mission overcame Tom Cruise’s plans to become the first to shoot a film in space. The Hollywood actor and director announced last year that he plans to take off to shoot an action film in a joint project with SpaceX, but no official date has yet been set for his and director Doug Leiman’s takeoff.

The “Challenge” filming project has sparked a debate in Russia over the use of resources by the space agency Roscosmos, which is facing budget and technical problems, including the failure to launch a Soyuz spacecraft two years ago that ended in an emergency landing and no casualties.

Tom Cruise (Photo: Courtesy of Yes)Tom Cruise (Photo: Courtesy of Yes)

The director of the agency, Dmitry Rogozin, launched the project after Cruz announced his intention to fly into space and there is even competition to choose the lead actress, while manned flight director, veteran cosmonaut Sergei Kriklev, was fired last June due to his opposition and returned to office only due to public criticism.

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