“Prince William sees Prince Andrew as a great threat to the family”

Two months after a formal lawsuit was filed against Prince Andrew on behalf of Virginia Joffre, one of the complainants in the Jeffrey Epstein case, alleging that the prince forced her to have sex with him when she was 17, the royal family finally closes the door on Prince York’s face. Reported last night (Saturday) at overseas sites.

Andrew’s brother – Regent Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward refuse to allow their brother to return to public life, while Prince William, Prince Charles’ eldest son and who is set to become king later, even marks Andrew as a “real threat to the royal family” “. All this while rumors say that Prince Andrew wants and hopes to return to fulfill his official role as an active prince.

Prince William, who sees his uncle as a real threat to the monarchy, reportedly met with Queen Elizabeth and his father in favor of the decision to oust Prince Andrew from his public office. It was further reported that Charles, Edward Van had vehemently denied the possibility of letting Andrew return to fulfill his public office. “There is no chance in the world that he will return, the family will not let that happen,” a source told the Sunday Times.

Another source close to the Duke of Cambridge said that “Prince William is not a big fan of his uncle”, and another source reinforced his words and said that “Prince William treats his uncle’s disrespect and ignorance and sees him as a great threat to the family. Anything but gratitude to the institution, “Anything that can make anyone in the public think that senior members of the royal family are not grateful for their status is absolutely dangerous. That’s what William thinks.”

“Nine months ago, Charles, Anne and Edward held a meeting on the subject and agreed that there was no going back for him,” a message knows one more thing to the Sun. Buckingham Palace has yet to respond to reports that the family plans to permanently cut off Andrew.

Recall that last August Joffre filed a lawsuit in Manhattan court demanding compensation from Prince Andrew, who she said forced her to have sex with him against her will when she was 17. “I want him to take responsibility for what he did to me. Strong and rich people are not exempt from liability. For their actions, “Jupra told the American ABC network, adding that she hopes her lawsuit will help more victims” demand that justice be done and get their lives back. ”

Last night it was reported that Joffre had given her testimony to police officers, after filing her official claim, claiming that she had been forced to have sex with the prince on three different occasions. During the testimony, Jupra said she was “traded” by Epstein for the prince. Prince Andrew for his part continues to deny the harsh accusations leveled against him on the part of Joffre. Already in 2019, with the explosion of the affair, Andrew claimed that he does not remember meeting with the young woman and denied the accusations against him, while making it clear that he “regrets his friendship with Epstein”. It should be noted that the new reports come two days after it was announced that Andrew’s legal team will be allowed to review a confidentiality arrangement.

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