Let’s start with the bottom line – Netflix’s “Squid Game” is the most horrific series I’ve ever watched. I managed to survive less than two episodes in order to stop watching it. I sat down to watch it after hearing so many glorify and glorify it, alongside harsh and deadly reviews. And also because it leads the list of views in Israel.

But as horrible as the series is and difficult to watch, that’s probably the sad reason why it tops Netflix’s watch list. From the first episode, the viewer is exposed to unimaginable violence, which is accompanied by dramatic elements, dramatic scenes, which try to get the viewer addicted from the beginning.

It can certainly be argued that many series, not just on Netflix, include violent scenes, and even very harsh ones. But all in a certain dose. “The Squid Game” is a series that grows out of violence. The creators’ attempt to produce a plot with characters that we as viewers can understand or identify with does not really help to take away from the intensity of the appalling discomfort that arises from watching the series.

Because of these hard feelings, I have no problem even giving a few small spoilers. Do not worry. They will be extremely few, but will be a very significant example of the level of violence required to take our head and turn it into a violent and addictive series.

Modern horrors

For example, a bunch of people are taken, hundreds, those who have the most difficulty in their lives because they owe money. They get a chance to play a creepy game. “salty fish”. Yes Yes. A children’s game that becomes a violent nightmare. The game’s “managers” lead the participants “like sheep to the slaughter.” They had a “right to vote,” but that freedom was going to lead them to no choice – to death.

Half of the participants are shot to death by the “game managers”. People step on each other to move forward and try to “win” to save them from certain and cruel death. Some help each other. “Sheep for slaughter” sounds familiar?

The Squid Game (Photo: Netflix screenshot)

If it still does not ring to you, then to complete the difficult association comes the scene in which the dead who were shot to death, hundreds will be mentioned, are taken to the crematorium to burn their bodies. One man, who was still alive inside the coffins, tried to get out. The “game managers” close the opening with a nail and a hammer.

Yeah, sounds awful no? The association is clear? People who are led to their deaths, find death in horrific circumstances and their bodies cremated. It’s unbearable. Even for a person who sees all his life series and movies that have violent scenes.

We love it

So why? Why does the series lead the most watched Netflix list in Israel? That’s exactly what’s sad here. Because of us. We love it. We are addicted to violence. But could it be that we are not even setting a limit? The answer is probably yes, to that extent. No limits. Probably.

I have no interest in criticizing a person who decides to watch this horror, or other violent series. I said, I myself see series and movies that have violence. But let’s put the cards on the table, a violent series like Netflix’s clickbite has a message, it raises questions in us. No need to wait until the end of the season to understand.

The Squid Game (Photo: Netflix)The Squid Game (Photo: Netflix)

To indulge in violence is not a message. Receive a message to understand that it is violent – that is the goal. The “squid game” is an addiction to violence. And don ‘t tell me wait until the end. For a 16.year.old boy who has access to Netflix at home with no choice, there may be no attempt to understand that the plot is evolving, that the end may be different. He is addicted to violence.

Even if there is indeed an end to a message, and again I say – I do not mean to see it – it does not get any expression. Such anomalous violence should have a cause. Make us understand something, not make us addicted to violence.

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