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The headlines in the not.so.small media outlets shouted that James Bond, in the movie “The Thunderball” starring the late Sean Connery, was sexually violent towards one of the protagonists (in the movie, in the movie, not alive), and I had a hard time believing this good British guy would be aggressive towards a woman, So I went to see if as she shouted.

What can I tell you – you can say that as she shouted and you can say that there is no reason to shout. First, the entire segment lasts one single second on the screen. The multi.talented James is in a room with a physiotherapist, he tells her with a meaningful look that she needs to compensate him for something, she rolls her eyes and says, you do not mean that., and he does mean that., and forcibly sticks his mouth to her mouth (act Minister Haim Ramon?), And she flutters for the said second, and James’ back muscles vibrate from the effort to capture her in the corner, and at the end of the second she is already in the shower with him, taking off her clothes and they mix with each other to the joy of no longer crying.

This came to Ramon at trial. For James Bond, on the other hand, it was an opening shot for a warm and satisfying relationship with that girl, and with other girls in the film who will not be counted from the majority, that I personally have already lost track of who she is currently skipping to bed with, whether good or bad, if she does Sex with him to stab him later or relish his mouth kisses. Rape, in the coins of those days, was not there. Even when James warns Miss Manipani that when he returns to London he will flick her ass, she does not shriek in shock at how he dares to talk to her like that and that he has to be tagged who to.

All of this certainly does not contribute to the beauty of Bond’s appearance, James Bond, kissing that handsome physiotherapist, but before a scream arises, we must remember the date of the filming of the film and the conditions of the times customary then. Beautiful to the eye or not, it was the accepted language in those days, and from here to make James Bond a pervert would be quite excessive. In every picture and picture in the “Mad Man” series for example, boss Don Draper expects the ideologue Peggy Olson with copious paws of blatant chauvinism, as a characteristic of those times, and no one gets up and shouts to the sky, and a suspicious person like me scratches his forehead and wonders if the commotion over Behind him our friend James was not born in the mind of some cunning publicist who sought to promote – well, I’ll leave it to the wise reader’s mind what he wanted to promote – and with no simple goal in front of you, who better to help a person if not Agent 007.

See or give up: see. It’s always nice to meet an old friend, even if it’s a publicity stunt.

The Dilemma of Passion (Photo: Courtesy of Yes Doku)

“The Dilemma of Desire”, Yes Docu, Yes VOD

Here, we were promised, the film that will prove how gender politics contributes its share to the oppression of women’s sexuality. No politics, no oppression, no promise. A long film like chewing gum on nothing

The promise that the “desire dilemma” provides, according to the PR page attached to it, arouses immediate interest: an exposure of how gender politics has for years suppressed female sexual desire. The resemblance immediately extends to ebony.wood.backed back rooms, where deep armchairs soaked in centuries.old cigar smoke, and on them sit elderly senators plotting how to dress women in hijabs or at least push them back into the kitchen.

Do not expect it. Do not wait an hour and 40 minutes (again movies lasting an hour and 40 minutes. Why an hour and 40 minutes? Who has the power to watch a docu.movie lasting an hour and 40 minutes?) To find that there is nothing in this movie, other than a long parade Of young women repeating the same claims over and over again: restricting us at home, not teaching us at school, and so on and so forth and God forbid an hour and 40 minutes.

Not a confrontation with, say, a current or retired education minister who opposes studying the structure of the female reproductive organs in a sex education class; Not a quarrel with a cunning old senator as a budget.blocking fox, it was said, to naughty schools that nonetheless clarify what is going on in the woman’s sexual system. No politics, no promise, just the same old story about the girl her parents did not allow her, for an hour and 40 minutes.

To see or give up: not to see. A much better film deserves such an important subject.

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