North Korean cultural site Arirang Mari claimed today (Tuesday) that the South Korean series “The Squid Game” reveals South Korea’s capitalist reality, where “corruption and immoral scams are commonplace,” he said. The site further cited a number of reviews by South Korean film critics who said the popular TV series presents “an unequal society in which poor people are treated like chess to the rich.”

An article published on the North Korean website further claimed that the series “makes people understand the sad reality of South Korean society in South Korea where humans are driven to extreme competition and thus their humanity is wiped out.”

Squid Games (Photo: Courtesy of Netflix)

This criticism comes after the regime in North Korea imposed harsh prison sentences and fines on anyone caught needing ‘South Korean entertainment’ or endeavoring to live the South Korean way of life. The law, dubbed the “Anti.Reactional Thought Law,” was passed late last year and allows for the imposition of a 15.year sentence in labor camps, among other things.

Also, South Korean culture is considered to be assigned by its northern neighbor. Last March the same site called South Korean pop stars (K.Pop) “slaves of big companies and miserable animals.” In February last year, a North Korean propaganda newspaper published in Japan praised the Oscar ceremony for awarding the prize for the South Korean film “Parasites” and called it a masterpiece “that revealed the reality in the country.”

“Squid Games” focuses on a competition in which people from the margins of society are required to play childhood games in exchange for the possibility of winning a huge amount. A participant who is disqualified during the game is executed. The series has nine episodes and has been a great success around the world and was even ranked first in the site’s content viewed in 90 countries around the world, including Israel.

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