This picture of Queen Elizabeth worries the network

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 95th birthday last April, and despite her respectable age she undoubtedly looks at her peak. When the Queen arrived at the Thanksgiving at Westminster, she got out of the car with a cane – one that was last seen in her hand only in 2003.

Not an easy year has passed for Queen Elizabeth, who lost her husband, Prince Philip, parted ways with Prince Harry and Megan Merkel who left the royal family, and these days she is facing an unflattering stain in the form of Prince Andrew. Despite all the difficulties, the beloved queen of the world came to the Thanksgiving prayer with a smile on her face – and with an accessory that particularly bothered the surfers.

Queen Alibeth (95) came toWestminster Abbey with her daughter, Princess Anne, and getting out of the car she was helped by what looked like a cane. The queen walked slowly towards the convent with the help of the fashionable cane and her daughter, and she greeted us with a fashionable blue coat, a matching blue hat and a black bag that we dare not dream of.


HM using a walking stick is not a big deal at 95.
What hits home is that Henry watched his grandfather deteriorate & never went back to say goodbye
Will he now sit & watch his family age, completely disconnected to any emotional attachment?

. Eliza blissful in the dark (@home_nextdoor) October 12, 2021


The 95.year.old queen does not often appear in public with a cane, and the last time she was photographed with a similar cane was in 2003, a moment after undergoing knee surgery. With or without the cane, there is no doubt that the Queen looks at her peak – even after one of the most complex years the British royal family has gone through.


#royal #flashback “Queen Pays Tribute To Couturier Hardy Amies, Who Died Yesterday, By Wearing One Of His Outfits. The Queen Is Still Using A Walking Stick. She Is Laughing With Locals And Market Traders As She Admires Flowers At A Stall In Romford Market. 06 March, 2003

. Mace (@RoyaleVision) March 6, 2019

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