Bella Hadid takes every opportunity she has to visit Israel, so we were very surprised when we found out yesterday that a pendant in the shape of the State of Israel appears on her neck. Now the paparazzi photos of the star have arrived from the streets of New York, and we have discovered that she takes the issue very seriously

Since Operation The Wall Guard, Bella and Gigi Hadid have stepped up their Palestinian and anti-Israel propaganda. They upload dozens of posts a day, share photos from demonstrations, and in recent days Bella has turned to harsh criticism of the incoming prime minister, Naftali Bennett, and other government ministers. After only yesterday (Wednesday) we told you about the new necklace that appeared around her neck, now new paparazzi photos of her reveal that she has fully embraced it.

The star was photographed on the streets of New York just after an intense workout at the gym. The star wore long black tights and a tight light blue tank top, and her hair was longer than usual, with extensions from here to a new post. Bella walked with a drink in her hand and many bracelets and a huge rubber band appeared in her hands, and just before she got into the car we were privileged to get another angle on the necklace that appeared on her neck.

Yesterday we were exposed to Hadid’s new necklace when she uploaded a photo to her Instagram page, followed by 43.4 million people, in which she was photographed during a workout in the gym. The star took a selfie near a weight stand with a glove on her hands, and made a fist mark with her palm. Followers were surprised to find that Bella’s necklace had a gold chain in the shape of the State of Israel, and if you ask Mrs. Hadid – in the shape of the Palestinian state.

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