“It’s time for me to stop being afraid”: Neta Barzilai releases two international songs

Neta Barzilai releases two new songs that she wrote with Avshalom Arieli and Itai Shimoni, and which were produced by Boaz Vanderbit. Barzilai has been signed to Disney Music’s new record label S.Curve with the intention of expanding its operations in Europe and the United States.

One of the singles is called CEO. Barzilai said the song is about personal empowerment. Walla! Culture learned that the filming of the song (watch it below) took place for no less than 26 consecutive hours, and to stay alert throughout the filming that lasted over a day, Barzilai helped former Mr. Universe Danny Kaganovich build the food and drink menu and drink an energy drink.

In addition, Barzilai has released the song “DUM”, which she signed with the same creators, and is defined by her as “the special stepbrother of the song” CEO “” in which she tells about the dating world, which she recently entered, and how they can disrupt your thought And make you “DUM” – meaning dumb.

“Life is made of yes and no decisions,” Barzilai said. “Lately I find it very difficult for me to make decisions on my own and let other people’s fears, emotions and preferences penetrate my brain, to the point of complete automation and great insecurity. I am the Madar Fucking CEO of my life, company and my journey “I wrote ‘CEO’ as a call for everyone to join me, to be fearless and to make the choices ourselves.”

“` DUM` is the CEO’s twisted, liquid and dumb brother, “Barzilai adds. “He describes a situation I’ve experienced quite a bit that I have a crush on someone and I feel the air running out of my mind and I’m falling behind. I recently found myself back in the dating world and now I’m more connected to the awkward and stupid girl in me than ever.”

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