what a world: For more than 20 years, the popular situation comedy of the legendary Channel 2 has not been broadcast, but many Israelis still have a warm place in their hearts for this series to this day. The stars of the “Shemesh” series, including the famous singer Eliad Nahum, the comedian and TV personality Zvika Hadar and the actress and singer Galit Giat, have teamed up for a short video with the youngest of them – and joined the global trend.

The Squid Game (Photo: Netflix screenshot)

In the video, the three stars play “One, two, three salted fish!” In the wake of the popular series “The Squid Game” that has driven millions of people around the world through the “Netflix” streaming app. At the end of the count, the opening melody of the series, known to most of us as “What a World” by the Teapacks band, is played. The three cannot ignore the sounds, and begin to dance similarly to the choreography at the beginning of the series.

The reactions to this were not long in coming, and most of them praised: “How do you tattoo a video?”, One user asked, another wrote: “I framed and hung in the room.” Many commenters are wondering, does this little video hint at an opening to come? Maybe in the coming years, like other sitcoms from the nineties that chose to unite like “Friends” and “Seinfeld”, “Sun” will also take up the gauntlet? time will tell.

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One thought on “Did the squid game cause the “Sun” stars to unite? | Watch the video”
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