Summary of the 14th week of “Wedding”: The popular couples reality show of Rainbow 12, A wedding at first sight, Came to the end of another week, and we were promised revolutions that just do not happen. On the surface everything has turned upside down, beneath it a world as is its custom. Nothing has changed. Shani and Danny kissed? Karin entered Itamar? Let’s see.

The unnecessary statement of the evening

Danny and Shani went on a romantic vacation in the desert. As they sat hugging in front of the fire, the second had a very urgent need to ask some questions that silence is good for them such as “Are you sorry you came to the wedding at first sight?”. Embarrassed Danny didn’t really answer and just hugged her. At this point Shani was supposed to release, but no … she had another very very important and critical question: “Did you learn anything from me?”. We would not want to be Danny at this moment. There are things you do not have to ask unless you feel like fighting.

The obvious mistakes

Liron and Einat returned motivated from the conversation with Yael and sat down to work. Yael said to talk about the past. As far as Einat is concerned, the intention is to show Liron pictures from the instinct of the performances she was in (by the way, Adele is amazing, it turns out). Yael also said to talk about the future, so Liron took on the task and detailed his plans: Relocation as part of an MBA, a house in a moshav, 4 plus children. It turns out that this is an unrealistic fantasy and Einat immediately overcame the failure of the plan – how exactly does Relocation correspond with a house in Moshav? And at what stage do you start bringing in the four-plus kids? When he began to stutter, Einat realized that although they shared the past and the future, this was not the poet’s intention – because the sharing was technical and not emotional.

Itamar and Karin, a wedding at first sight (Photo: Keshet Screenshot 12)

The awkward move

After four days of isolation separately, Itamar and Karin meet at Yael’s. He comes from Basot after life after returning from vacation, and Itamar is like Itamar, sure Karin feels just like him now. To his surprise she arrives with a sour face and smashes his happiness balloon. And he gets upset and starts getting angry and shouting that he is tired of talking about feelings. No more talking emotions! Fulfilled, it was still an embarrassing Sammy. But the really embarrassing moment is Karin’s reaction. She immediately folded and began to touch him with such a sort of apology of “sorry I annoyed you sir almighty king”, and only then did he calm down. She’s all burned out on him, while he’s probably just because of that – not really on her, and it’s awful to see how she begs him to love her.

The winning move

Have we already told how much we love Nitzan and Mano? So it is always possible again. Even when they feel that there is tension, distance or something bubbling beneath the surface, and that there is a feeling that it may deteriorate and put them in a place where they do not know how to get out of it, then with them it does not really happen – because they are such a sweet and intelligent couple. They talk about everything in a pleasant, calm and very respectful way. It is not for nothing that they insist on talking about things and trying to resolve them, because they feel that there is love between them, only that they have not yet let her break out.

The level of chances of the couples

Itamar and Karin – Even if we assume that they decide to stay together after 42 days, this type of relationship still has no chance of holding on in the long run. As time goes on, she is more and more in need and a desire to hold on to him, which only makes him move away more and more. It’s quite a turn off when someone lectures you on such a level that when he dares to express his displeasure with something in a relationship – then you immediately bark and he folds. These sights are hard to see and certainly hard to experience. We want to go on screen and say to her: “You are worth more than that! You speak very nicely, but in the moment the truth folds immediately. Stand Straight Sister!”.

Shani and Danny – Although there seems to be a breakthrough and emotional and physical rapprochement following the weekend in the desert. But on the other hand something in the contact between them and the body language, shows that they are terribly trying to force something that does not exist. I wish we were wrong.

Liron and Einat – The connection between them still feels like that of two high school students. Clearly devoid of depth and everything is very very superficial. If they can deepen it from the emotional place and really open up, then maybe they will connect and something will happen there. But at the moment they are not there.

Count and bud – Our darlings, how stunning you couple are. So much so afraid to fall in love, that they do not notice that they are already there.

The authors are the owners of the dating project “Billy and Ravit – like a friend who knows you”

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