Exhausted, slack and defeated: Dave Shappel took to the stage for his latest performance

Exhausted, slack, defeated by the political correctness movements and “Mi To”, stand-up genius Dave Shappel took to the stage for his latest appearance. Transgender people absorbed jokes at their expense, including Jews, and it took only one day for the screams against him to fill the air. Shappel is tired. He’s not ready to be told how and what jokes to tell. So he goes, and we are left with Shahar Hasson and Eyal Kitsis.

In Dave Shappel’s latest special show, “CLOSER,” which aired this week on Netflix, the American stand-up comedian gives aliens who left Earth thousands of years ago and have now returned to it, the nickname “Space jews.” Shappel usually does not refer to religions, and his borrowing this time in a metaphor from the life of the people sitting in Zion was amusing, and certainly devoid of any malice. But the act did not prevent the Anti-Defamation League from erupting within a day in Gwald’s screams, and along with other teams that feel hurt by his shows to demand a halt to the show’s disc sales, and Netflix to remove “CLOSER” from broadcast.

How vain. Some evil spirits. Some hitchhikers trying to make a liter of meat at the expense of a stand-up comedian who is considered by many to be – at least in sane America – a comic genius and the greatest of them all.

Chapel, 48, married to a Filipino-born woman and a father of three, a Muslim since 2003, broke into the American public consciousness that year, when he received a half-hour weekly from the Comedy Central channel for a comedy show. Two years later, at the height of his success, Apple mysteriously abandoned the show, turning its back on a $ 50 (!) Million offer from the channel and disappearing from television screens. Only in 2017 did he return to four specials on Netflix, during which he explained why he chose to leave the small screen.

Apple is a social and political creator. He is not interested in the tension between men and women of, say, Jerry Seinfeld. Nor in the human cartoons of, say, Larry David. Black-and-white relations in America are his target. Slavery is still burning in his bones. His pain when a black man, even if a criminal, is killed by a policeman, is an authentic personal pain for America, which even after 400 years, after snatching its free ancestors from their homeland and enslaving them for generations, does not accept the black people into it.

The LGBTs get lengthy treatment at every show of his and explode with rage. He mocks us without limits, they scream. The sexual change in detail is probably not yet visible on screens, and yet hundreds of women in the audience scream with laughter, screaming with laughter that the joke told there is rarely brilliant as usual and that, as mentioned, Apple is innocent of evil intent. Vows but he definitely believes them.They cut what their name is and threw it away and that’s all I need to be convinced, he tells the audience rolling with laughter, adding that life is complicated and that every person has the right to find his happiness in the way he chooses.

As a social and moral creator Apple has repeatedly repeated in its forms its mantra of the right to equality between human beings and their right to happiness in the way they choose. This, of course, does not stand in the way of the “assholes”, as he calls them, attacking him for his words. I aspire to the same goal as them, says Apple, but neither they, nor any other person or body, will dictate to me how to express my will on the way there.

Because of the mouth-watering assholes, Apple says, I turned my back on $ 50 million 18 years ago and voluntarily stepped off the TV screen. I did not agree to bend my humor in their face. I was not prepared to deal from morning to night with their willingness to flatten and empty every statement of mine of its meaning, and to present it only as evidence of my inner hatred of the LGBT, whites, and anyone else I had ever made a joke at.

And Apple’s jokes are wonderful. He is a brilliant genius of humor as a mathematician can shine in his field. Look again on the net, for example, for the section where he collapses the scientific theory that AIDS has been transmitted through sexual contact between a human and a monkey. Anyone who has slept with a monkey, he says, will no longer have sex with a man. It is impossible, he adds, to sleep with a monkey on Tuesday, and invite Charlene to a club on Thursday. Sex with a monkey is the result of a determined decision: Sex with humans will no longer be. By the way, make a lot of tissues on the armchair next to you while watching, because the crying with laughter will come too.

One can only be surprised by the fact that Apple did not enter Israel. In America his performances are addicted weeks and months in advance. New American brands, semi-well-known and even less so, are sending hundreds and thousands of Israelis to the stores in our malls, while the super-brand has not made a comeback. On the face of it, the local stand-up offering in Israel is rich. And only in the race between Shappel and say – Shahar Hasson, Hasson is the Carmel Duke who stays far behind Shappel’s Ferrari. Adir Miller, too. Even Eyal Kitsis, who only God knows why man is considered funny.

I stare at these three and their local friends in the profession with glazed eyes, their emerging jokes plus a bit, their extreme care to float in the shallow, warm water and not take risks, armed with their inability to dive deep into a subject and fly it geniusly high to Caitlin Jenner’s anatomy peaks, and wonder why the people come Buy tickets, come here and laugh out loud.

Maybe I’m the one jumping under here. But unlike my colleagues in America, I do not demand that they stop what they are not chattering there into the microphone. The one who is unfortunately going to shut up is actually Dave Shappel. “CLOSER” is his latest show on the four specials contract he signed with Netflix.

As a drug addict who has had his own substance for years, I have never seen him as exhausted and depressed as in this show. His body posture is loose, the sentences coming out of his mouth lack the prickly, venomous quality sometimes dipped in a bit of honey of humor, because that must not be forgotten: there is no genius of humor like Dave Shappel.

Only towards the last third of the show that Apple wakes up a bit, life returns to its body, as it turns its fire on the people of Political Correct and Mei Tu and all the other assholes of all kinds. More or less he tells them, you have won, I do not have the strength to deal with you anymore, here is another here that you managed to close. Not that you are achieving your goal, because the act came about due to violent mouth-clogging and provoked further opposition towards you. Your goal is good, says Dave Shappel, but you are failing to manage your revolution. You need a man to run it, and I’m willing to do it even without money. Only on condition that you suck me. And the crowd, including the women in it, explodes with laughter. Because he’s Dave Shappel. And the man is a genius. Just a genius.

See or give up: see. Search every section of Apple on the net and see.

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