It’s been a long time since we told you about the Kardashian girls’ dream vacations, mainly because the frequency of vacations we love to hate so much has dropped significantly recently. Kim and Kenya’s divorce shook the family, Courtney’s new relationship took her out of the loop, and the new infidelity drama in Chloe’s life shook her destiny. Now, with the broadcast of the last episode of “The Kardashian Family” (E!) We remembered one of the family’s amazing vacations – and also discovered its cost.

The Kardashian family traveled to Lake Tahoe a few months ago, where the final episode of the final season of the series was filmed. The girls of the family stayed in an inconceivable mansion in the dream location, and Cosmopolitan brought all the details. What did we find out? Thousands of dollars a night, dozens of restrooms and a huge parking lot.

You will find no less than 17 bedrooms in the huge mansion where the family girls stayed, and 18 bathrooms and toilets. In the house, which extends over an acre and a half, you will find a pool and Jacuzzi, a parking space for eight cars, a movie theater, and a well-designed house with high ceilings, huge windows and stunning wood paneling. For the modest $ 6,348 per night (!) You will also receive a private chef who will take care of three meals a day, massage and spa services, and a team of assistants who will do whatever you ask.

On vacation in Tahoe the rift between Kim and Kenya has already begun to deepen, and in the trailer for the episode Kim is depressed and shares with her sisters that she just wants to stay in her room all day. The trip was weeks before Sack and Kenya announced a breakup and divorce, and now Kenya has been photographed next to supermodel Irina Sheik.

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