After more than a year and who knows how many closures and vaccinations, “VIP Survival” is back on the screen, again from the Philippines, and let’s face it, taking 18 celebrities, and letting them compete with each other in a game where audience love doesn’t matter, is a winning recipe. To win the show it’s not enough to oust everyone else, but also to make sure that even though you ousted them, they will love you enough to give you the title of “Last Survivor”, and this season the cast seems to have spared no choice and made sure to bring in , Including breaking the hearts of some members of their tribe.

Among the prominent contenders who arrived this season can be found former Israel national team goalkeeper Dudu Awat, who introduced himself as ‘who respects everyone and loves everyone’, although there will probably be someone on Twitter who will disagree with him. Returning actress Lia Gil can take advantage of her knowledge from the previous round, and judging by the way she chose to present herself, this is probably what it seems. Gil herself immediately recognized the biggest drawback of Ohad Bouzaglo, who at least initially relied on his big brother – previous season winner Asi.

Survival – Lia Gil (Photo: Channel 13 screenshot)

Other notable names are Vered Busquila, who will do her best to prove that the “Jordan Jerby of the Season” tag is not necessarily a burden. Alongside her is also Yuval Shem-Tov, whose erupting joy can be a significant advantage in slightly more difficult moments in the tribe. I would not quickly dismiss the vulgar Lisa Bich either, who seems to be the one who after a few days of acclimatization on the island, will be able to open up and make connections that will push her forward.

Of course, it is impossible to close a cast without some previous reality refugees, so it is not surprising to see the release of “The Race for a Million” and a few others from “Big Brother” come to the island as well. But for the avoidance of doubt, even if they have starred in another show in the past, that does not mean they will not be suitable for survival. Another cast that is worth keeping an eye on is Dandan Bolotin, who can advance in the game as the “father” of the other players.

But in survival production, as in survival production, one cannot move one episode without a twist, even if it is the opening episode. For a moment I thought I was on the rival channel, when he wound up on the screen “surviving in a mask.” It took me a second to remember that I was on the right channel, because suddenly Guy Zo-Eretz, the eternal host of the Israeli version, once again began to introduce me to the actors on the island, as if they had not introduced themselves just a moment ago in a sort of “James Bond” style clip.

The opening task, which occupied the bulk of the episode, did not disappoint. Head-to-head battles from the start of the game can produce subsequent interactions, which will be based on the internal balance between the players. The possibility of letting the winner choose the tribe he will join only added interest and it already seems that the tribe led by Awat seems to have more fighting spirit, but also without a bit of ego and pride, that loss in one immunity mission can lead to a battle of accusations and disintegration.

By the way, Kobi Maor, a wonderful theater actor in my eyes, made a critical mistake that he chose to zigzag from the black tribe to the red. Such a mistake can cost him dearly and it will be interesting to see how he copes with its consequences later on, if they float.

Survival - Kobi Maor (Photo: Channel 13 screenshot)Survival – Kobi Maor (Photo: Channel 13 screenshot)

In the next chapter, a tribal council where the two tribes (Apolaki and Libolan) will come to oust a contender from the Libolan tribe, who lost the first mission. And if the loss of a member of a tribe is not enough, “the survivor of Monsieur”, whose identity will be revealed only tomorrow, chose to join the Apolaki tribe and stated that from the second day of the game, they will enjoy a two-player advantage.

In the upcoming Tribal Council, the one who will have to work hard to survive is Fanny Bar-Moha, the ex-wife of Ohad Bouzaglo, who knows that the pitcher is already waiting for one note with her name, after losing three consecutive rounds in the mission. It is likely that her ex-husband will try to persuade his tribe members to unite against another player from the tribe to keep her, and keep his promise to the common children. But if she does not learn to make connections with members of her new tribe, it may not be enough.

After all, she does not look like the one who will wait for a fan to save her from the situation, the fact that she did not give up after the breakdown and continued to challenge herself until the end of the mission, proves that she has a fire waiting to break out and I believe she will fight to prove the tribe.

Survival - Fanny Bar-Moha (Photo: Channel 13 screenshot)Survival – Fanny Bar-Moha (Photo: Channel 13 screenshot)

And if already a tribal council, according to the promo for the next episode, the ethnic demon is going to be the most central thing in it, based on the names that have come to the island, it will not be surprising if in the rest of the season the ethnic demon plays an equally central role. For sure, there will be emotions, the tones will go up, this is going to be a particularly hot season of survival, so it’s good that it started just before winter.

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