VIP Survival: An ethnic demon that erupts in the first council, can decide fates

Let’s get straight to the point – Henry David yesterday (Sunday) became the first ousted of VIP survival in absolute justice. He dug the grave with his own hands, waved goodbye to friends and jumped in with a head jump. It does not matter if the point he was trying to convey is correct or right, in the end, you are not saying about a significant percentage of your playmates that they naturally reject you, just because they were born into another community, and further add to that a vomiting pantomime. You also probably do not do this when the other tribe sits opposite and holds in its hands ten votes that can be used against you.

The promos for the Tribal Council promised that it would be outrageous, and it was, and not just because of David, or the fact that throughout the council no one from the Libolan tribe tried to explain why he deserved to stay in the game, not even Fanny, who knew in advance that there would be a voice against her. This council was outrageous because it was mostly everything but a tribal council of survival.

Tribal Council (Photo: Network screenshot 13)

The debate about the ethnic demon is an important debate, it is a debate that should take place and should not be ignored, but it will not be resolved by 19 celebrities sitting in the Philippines. Pulling out the ethnic demon already in the first council promises mostly one thing – he is going to be present all season, and will not be surprised if he eventually plays a role all the way to the final council and may even help decide the identity of the winner of the season.

Because of the length of the Tribal Council, it was almost forgettable that already at night the subject came up in the nocturnal conversation of the Apollaki tribe, between Zohar Strauss, who turned out to be a man hiding under a mask, and Jackie Azoulay. The discourse that later developed in the council, following Lia’s decision to retire from the Women’s Alliance, was a direct continuation of that discourse.

By the way, the alliance of women, the speed with which Lia, Odelia and Fanny hurried to confront the members of the other tribe, proves how much Lia did charity that did not trust them and built on another alliance. Despite this, she was wrong not to admit that her allies did not keep the matter a secret anymore. What’s more, she was wrong not to worry that the girls would think she was solid after all, so she wouldn’t have any unpleasant surprises on the council.

The Yebulan tribe (Photo: 13 screenshot)The Yebulan tribe (Photo: 13 screenshot)

As a returning actress, Lia should have known that mistakes in the game pay off, and usually quickly. The payment this time, fortunately, was spared her following David’s remarks, but she owes the true gratitude to the members of the Apollaki tribe, who from the moment Jackie broke into a discussion between the daughters of Libolan, took the reins and took over the council. And the facilitator is this country? He is mature, having conversations about the night he was between these and a fan, and Zohar’s feelings as a returning player, as if there are not nine people whose ground is shaking underfoot at the moment.

And despite the lengthy discussions, we did get to see a first wash yesterday. Henry has become the guard of the hut and his fellow tribesmen find themselves two players behind already on the second day of the game. On paper this is a very significant drawback, because at the moment they do not look like a tribe, but more like eight people looking at the benches of the other tribe in one question “Why did I not go there when I had a chance?”, Suddenly Kobi Maor’s decision does not seem as wrong as it seemed Only in the episode of Shabbat.

End point – Already in the second episode of the season, it seems that Ohad Bouzaglo’s strategy throughout the program is to take what his brother did last season and ride all the way to the final. But a fan is not Asi, and what worked with one bunch of players will not necessarily work with another bunch. A fan needs to find his niche, which will differentiate him from his brother on the island and as soon as possible, because otherwise he may find himself with a goal on his back.

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