“Scott is freaking out. He’s about to get to a bad, dark place.”

On Tuesday we were excited to tell you that after less than a year of dating, Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got engaged. The two announced to the world the exciting news on their Instagram pages, and minutes after the happy announcement, the entire network moved on to dealing with Courtney’s mythological ex – Scott Disick. After quite a few speculations about his reaction, now close to the star are telling what is really going on there – and it does not sound good.

People close to the 37-year-old Scott told Page Six magazine that Scott heard about the news like everyone else – and reacted in a decidedly unfavorable way. “Scott is freaking out,” the insider said. “He’s about to reach the bitter end. It’s really bad. It’s going to be dark.” Another source told the Sun that Scott “was in a very, very difficult place right now. He found out about the engagements with the rest of the world and did not know about it before like the rest of the family. They did not want him to do anything to destroy Courtney. They obviously thought he could do “Something as silly as confessing to her about his love. It was a personal moment for Courtney and he should not have been involved.”

Other insiders added that Scott had difficulty accepting his children’s new relationship, saying he “always believed” that they would eventually be together. Courtney and Scott dated between 2005 and 2015 and gave birth to three children together. Scott recently had a well-publicized breakup with his 20-year-old partner, Amelia Hamlin, who arrived moments after he was caught blackmailing Courtney and her partner.

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