Palestinian propaganda films on Netflix?  CEO if you will: “This is a blood libel”

Palestinian propaganda on screen in the living room? International content provider Netflix Has launched several dozen films and short films from Palestinian cinema in recent weeks, and they are available for viewing worldwide. Matan Peleg, director general of the “Im Tirtzu” movement, expressed displeasure with the move of the streaming service, which he calls “blood libels”, in an interview he gave this morning (Wednesday) to Erel Segal in his program on 103FM: “We as Jews must shout against it – because It needs to be stopped. ”

“Netflix has just launched a battery of 32 movies called Palestine Stories. The producers and directors (of the movies) 90 percent of them are BDS supporters who have signed petitions, and Netflix in this regard. It is unprecedented. The remarks of the association’s director general.

“These are drama films, I would call them ‘docu-feeling’. They give a clear feeling that the State of Israel is one crime against humanity,” he added. “The problem is that Netflix has more than 180 million subscribers worldwide. Such an international broadcasting platform broadcasts to the whole world that IDF soldiers are war criminals. There is no country in this world that Netflix has created a battery of videos against, not North Korea, not Nigeria. “Excluding the Jews is a real anti-Semitism.”

“A scene that I thought was crazy,” Peleg said, “which shows IDF soldiers practicing shooting at Palestinian women’s target targets, and as if one of the targets was resurrected, and the commander shouts at the soldiers who shot her. Delusional things, blood libels of the craziest kind. ”

Peleg added: “Recently Netflix made some videos about transgender people and the international community tore them apart, and it probably won’t have a sequel.” He concluded: “If we Jews and Israelis all over the world are called out – this is an important thing because it needs to be stopped. That there is a child who sees these things, what is the conclusion at the end? Should Jews be killed?”

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