Survival: Ohad Buzaglo wanted to eliminate bills and it cost him dearly

Ohad Buzaglo’s dismissal from “Survival” came as no surprise, after his fellow members, including those who made an alliance with him like Jonathan Bashan, yesterday expressed in the episode their reluctance to his course of action and all the manipulations he made to make as many alliances as possible. Indeed, from our life experience we have learned that sometimes when you push the stroller too fast and too hard it can deteriorate and fall apart.

As he said of Ohad Zohar Strauss, who by the way I must point out that he has a rich world of images (apparently drew ideas from the world of theater): “If a Bouzaglo fan was an ATV, he would be an ATV without brakes because he was speeding forward without being able to stop.” We all know how dangerous it is to drive a car with screwed brakes. According to Strauss, a fan does not stop for a moment to think wisely about the moves and their consequences. He worked too hard and the effort was too transparent for all to see, as one fan’s lover, Ella Eibander, explained.

Zohar Strauss also claimed in the same matter that a fan’s thoughts could be heard from afar, and that he could not say them to himself quietly, unlike Assi Bouzaglo who knew how to silence them well and therefore was a better strategist than his brother.

Ohad has not even tried to hide his feelings of resentment towards Strauss from the first episode and that he is in his sights after hitting his brother Asi. Even Fanny, Ohad’s ex-wife, explicitly announced that there is no way she and Ohad will forget Strauss’ attitude towards Asi Bouzaglo and his show of contempt for him last season. And here they were both wrong. Nothing good can happen when you are driven by an exciting vengeance. I am sure that if a fan had come to the island without this emotional charge of settling accounts with Strauss, but on the contrary, in order to reconcile and forgive his brother Nemesis, he would have gained much more sympathy and sympathy.

While a fan will claim in his defense that he came to the whole island full of honesty and truth and in a determined decision not to hide his true feelings. Apparently he is innocent if he has not yet learned neighborliness can also stumble you as happened to Henry David who admitted he was a racist. Not to mention Elazar Stern who in an unfortunate and supposedly honest utterance, ruined for himself with a flick of his hand and in a small second of unconsciousness, his political career when he said he used to shred anonymous female soldiers’ complaints about sexual harassment.

How did our sages say? Sage for silence silence. She said that Ohad did not adopt himself and told the guys that after his divorce he was just looking to celebrate with girls and handed out likes to everyone as a courtship method. Jackie Azoulay made this confession for reasons to show that she is a fighter for justice for women, and quite discredited his image in the eyes of others who thought it was also a good enough reason to dismiss him, in addition to his transparent strategies.

In my opinion, Jackie exaggerated. And made an elephant fly. If a divorced man wants to become a Casanova, and succeeds, as long as he is not accused of harassing or dishonoring them, it is only his personal business. It seems to me that Jackie did a round on a fan and his desires for beautiful women to create provocation, just as most Big Brother residents thought it would be easy to do a round on Oren Hazan because his past is controversial anyway.

I do feel uncomfortable and wonder about a certain insensitivity of a fan towards his ex-wife Fanny who is with him on the island and needs to see him sponsor these and maintain a close physical intimacy with her. Even though she too has moved on with her love life, it is still jarring to see it in front of her eyes.
In spite of everything, it will be said to the credit of Ohad Bouzaglo that he was not afraid to take on a not-so-simple challenge when he stepped into the big shoes of his brother who won a double and honorable win.

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