That’s how Kylie and her mother were photographed in California
Kylie Jenner is in the middle of her second pregnancy, so we did not really understand what she was doing with her mother at an amusement park in California. One thing is for sure: amusements – were not there
Good days are passing for the Kardashian girls, who are expecting a second baby for Kylie Jenner and have been celebrating Courtney Kardashian’s exciting engagement for the past week. Apparently the mother of the family, Chris Jenner, did not know her soul from happiness, because she decided to take her pregnant daughter to spend time with a classic mother and daughter in the dream location – Disneyland.

The beautiful Kylie walked with her 66-year-old mother around the amusement park looking downright amused. The star and her mother matched outfits, and walked around the park dressed in black from head to toe. Surrounded by quite a few security guards, the two marched all over the place, and although they did not come up with any facilities – quite a few stories came up for their Instagram thoughts from the strange pastime.

Chris and Kylie enjoyed a private VIP tour of the park, and given the bizarre visit we started thinking and came to the conclusion that this is a location tour. Will we soon see a huge event at the iconic theme park? I wish you were Courtney’s wedding, artist.

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