Here the TV celebrity takes the beer bong on Hjulmand
Actor Esben Dalgaard took a beer bong on top of national coach Kasper Hjulmand. Smukfest’s most entertaining feature, Smukbold, returned on Wednesday

Smukfest is back – and so is Smukbold.

The party where three teams of celebrities compete in beach handball against each other. First internally and then in a direct show match against the winning team in the unknown Danes’ tournament.

Ekstra Bladet trooped up on Wednesday morning and was able to meet an unusually festive group of celebrities, who talked about everything from the national coach duo Kasper Hjulmand and Nikolaj Jacobsen to TV host Sarah Grünewald and the former handball stars Christina Roslyng and Lars Christiansen.

While it was an overall victory for Nikolaj Jacobsen’s troops, it was undoubtedly Esben Dalgaard who had the biggest celebration. While everyone was drinking beer, he took the step further. He both took a beer bong among the audience and on top of Kasper Hjulmand, when the national coach and the rest of the team lay down on their backs – on top of each other – and made sand angels, while Esben Dalgaard stood at the top and lobbed a beer bong on top of the national coach and the rest of his teammates.

May sound wrong
The party is on.

– It may sound wrong, but I have always dreamed of sitting on top of Kasper Hjulmand and drinking a beer bong, and I got the opportunity here. It rarely happens, said the actor with a big smile.

He was also not slow to throw roses in the direction of the national coach.

– Man of the match (best player of the match, ed.) regardless of whether we play handball, golf or tennis, it’s Kasper Hjulmand.

The national coach himself was one big smile throughout the games and looked like an attempt to look like a Danish version of Baywatch legend Mitch Buchannon. He was quick to accept the praise from Esben Dalgaard, who called it a dream to take a beer bong on Kasper Hjulmand.

– It’s good that we can make dreams come true then, he said with a sly grin and hastened to praise his team in the best sports interview style.

– It has gone really well, I have a nice team that fights well. They are doing great. Everything is going according to plan.

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