Director and film researcher Jad Ne’eman has died at the age of 84

Yehuda Jad Ne’eman, the filmmaker, researcher, and laureate of the Israel Film Prize, died at the age of 84 after a struggle with cancer. According to his family, “Jad fought cancer until the very end, as he had done his entire life for what he loved and believed in. He was a lifelong artist who never stopped creating, thinking, or hoping.
He will be forever etched in our minds.”

Ne’eman rose to prominence after starring in his first feature film, “Journey of Stretchers,” in 1977.
The film, which starred Gidi Gov, Moni Moshonov, Dalik Wolinitz, and Dovle Glickman, told the story of a novice who is tortured by a band of tormentors and commits himself as a result.
The film generated a controversy, and the IDF attempted to prevent its release, but it eventually became part of the IDF’s suicide prevention training system

Ne’eman was later named head of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television, where he is credited with ushering in a revolution in the department, the curriculum, and a fresh approach to popular Israeli cinema.
Ne’eman went on to make controversial films and projects dealing with the war in its different forms, as seen by films like “Yesterday’s Streets” from 1988, which dealt with political assassination, and projects like the “Human Rights Film Festival” in 1999.

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