Victoria Escrivá Palacios (Viví Escrivá), awarded the National Illustration Prize 2021, has assured this Thursday, June 17, that has received the award with “enormous joy“and affirms that it will serve as an incentive to continue working with his illustrations.

I hope this serves for the future. I have been in this profession for many years and I do not give up being a cartoonist. I have three daughters and a husband, I am the daughter of painters and sister of painters and I love this, I really like to paint, “the winner told Europa Press.

With more than 50 years in the profession, Escrivá has recognized that he no longer expected to receive this award. “I am a bit shy and I am also always a little afraid in case I am going to get an award. When they called me to tell me that they gave it to me, the first thing I thought was ‘man, how lucky I am!’

In fact, he has acknowledged that until this day he was unaware that the award had a financial endowment (20,000 euros). “The prize could have been a soda, which for me is the same“, has added.

With numerous works for children’s literature, Escrivá has described his work as “drawing pictures for adults who were children and vice versa.” “I’m still doing the same thing and I love it “, has concluded, to appeal to reading. “It would be necessary to read more,” he added.

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