From The Wizard of Oz to Harry Potter: All the Great Disasters on the set

Hollywood was hit tonight (Thursday through Friday) in astonishment as the American movie star Alec Baldwin Accidentally shot to death a 42-year-old photographer who was working on the set of his new film. Baldwin used a pistol designed for idle bullets as part of the set on the set, but was loaded with live ammunition.

This is neither the first nor the second accident that has ever occurred on a set of an American motion picture. Hollywood’s heritage is laden with cases of actors and production people being injured and even killed on the set.

Narcos, 2017

During the filming of Netflix’s luxury series, Narcos, the location man, Muñoz Portal, was shot to death during his work in Mexico. A portal toured the country in search of a suitable place to film scenes from the series, but local criminals he encountered shot him and he was killed.

Portal’s vehicle is nestled among cacti on the side of an unnamed remote dirt road. Inside the car was the body of a portal, with gunshot wounds to it.

“Deathly Hallows”, 2009

In 2009, the double stunt of Daniel Radcliffe He was hospitalized after being seriously injured during stunt filming on the set of the “Deathly Hallows” movie series in the Harry Potter series. The double, a 25-year-old man, became disabled from the waist down after suffering a significant back injury. The film came out to the arenas as moderate and filled halls.

Twilight Zone, 1983

The movie “Twilight Zone” which was based on the TV series of the same name from the 60’s, had a good starting point with many action scenes. In one scene, the set is designed like a Vietnamese village while actor Vic Morro is filmed holding two Vietnamese children – Mae Sa-Din-la and Rena Xin I-chen, aged 6 and 7. According to the script, the three were supposed to escape from an American helicopter scene, however during the filming the pilot lost control, crashed straight into the set and killed the three.

Love in the Sky, 1986

Tom Cruise, Who played “Maverick” in this film, lost his good friend Goss as part of the film’s plot and won a trillion MIG aerial battle. None of this came close to what happened behind the scenes while filming.

The stuntmen in the film, who played alongside Corez, barely knew how to perform a flight simulator. In one scene, the flight acrobat, Art School, who was in charge of carrying out their air battles, went into a spin and crashed straight into the Pacific Ocean. His last words were “I have a problem. I have a real problem.”

The Wizard of Oz, 1939

Unfortunate accidents and disasters on movie set are nothing new. The film “The Wizard of Oz” released in 1939 is considered one of the technological innovations of that period, thanks in part to the color photography format that was not common at the time. At the same time, this is not the only trivia that hides behind the film.

Margaret Hamilton, Who played the evil witch from the West, took part in a fire scene in which she was to become extinct. The stunts got out of control and Hamilton suffered second- and third-degree burns and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Her stuntwoman was also injured while trying to hover over her broom which exploded due to a malfunction. Despite the unfortunate accident, Hamilton refused to file a lawsuit against the production.

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