Reality contestant Lenny Pihl was arrested by the police outside Crazy Daisy in Næstved at the weekend

At the moment, a video is circulating on the social media TikTok of the reality contestant Lenny Pihl, who is arrested by the police outside Crazy Daisy in Næstved.

In the video, which has the sharing text ‘So the sku didn’t bother messing with small children anymore’, you see Lenny Pihl being led into a police car by two police officers.

Lenny Pihl states to Ekstra Bladet that the arrest certainly had nothing to do with ‘small children’. He explains that he was sitting in a car with his girlfriend when the police knock on the window and he is asked to get out.

– I am sitting in the driver’s seat in the car with my friend. The police ask me to breathe to measure my blood alcohol level and then I am asked to get out of the car.

– But I didn’t sit in the car because I wanted to drive. I just had to charge my phone, says Lenny Pihl to Ekstra Bladet, and says that he was fucking drunk and therefore had no plans to drive away.

– When I get out of the car, I am arrested and charged with drink driving, but I wasn’t driving at all. I don’t have a driving license at all, and the car was switched off, says Lenny Pihl.

Wanted to run away from the police
Lenny was detained for ten minutes, after which the police let him go. At first, however, the reality star tried to escape from the police, he says.

– I tried to hide, I just wanted to get away. I didn’t want to be arrested for something I hadn’t done, says Lenny Pihl and points out that it is the first time in forever that he has been drunk, and also admits that it was probably a stupid idea to run away from the police.

Since April, Lenny Pihl has been on antabuse because he has had an alcohol problem. But in the days leading up to the party this weekend, he stopped taking the antabuse because he knew he had to drink.

– Alcohol is no longer a problem. I also go to talk therapy, and if I feel like drinking, I have someone I can call, says Lenny Pihl.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Sydsjælland and Lolland-Falster Police, but this has not been possible at the time of writing. From the daily report, however, it appears that a 36-year-old man from Slagelse was charged with drink driving on the night of Saturday at Ramsherred, which is a road close to Crazy Daisy in Næstved.

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