Every season of Survival has a defining moment where viewers can rub hands with pleasure and say “here’s where the game started”. Unfortunately, one week of survival, plus another episode, is already behind us and this moment has not yet come. Who knows, maybe in Monday’s episode, where the tribes will go into battle on the tarp, as the promos shown last night (Saturday) bothered to show.

But just because the game has not yet picked up pace does not mean that nothing is happening on the busiest island in the Philippines. A morning after the dismissal of Ohad Bouzaglo and still his name in everyone’s mouth, including his own in the cabin with Henry David. Ella is lonely because she’s sure she’s next to go, Jackie Azoulay and Zohar Strauss each brag about the dismissal and even declare a moment before the auction – “Buzaglo will not be back here.” Strauss even magnifies and quotes Azoulay: “On what foot did we kick him? So this time we’ll kick in a second,” in case fate wills (or the production, judging by some of the comments on the network) and Buzaglo returns to the tribe.

In the hut, Ohad and Henry try to analyze his dismissal and Buzaglo manages to admit that he was not the strongest in the tribe, but beautifies reality (for himself) and claims that the tribe is just scared of Jackie, and let’s not say, just fed up with him. Now his mission is more difficult, both to survive long enough in the cabin to get a chance to return, and also if he returns to the game, to be more attentive to the people around him to prevent his second dismissal.

Ohad Buzaglo (Photo: 13 screenshot)

After the first 15 minutes, in which the deposed was still the center of attention, the tribes turned to the main event, the auction that arrived earlier this year than expected. Do you think so? Of course the first minutes after the meeting were devoted to who if not – Ohad Buzaglo. But after all the rituals and etiquette, the tribes set out to fantasize again about the food they were so lacking on the island.

But despite the fantasies about the sandwich, the steak and the cake, another thing still separates them from Guy’s hammer – the social index. Dudu Awat establishes his place as Apollaki leader, Dandan Bolotin conquers the summit in Libolan and Ella and Fanny get a stamp for being the least needed in the camp. And if that is not enough, the leaders even state that they will not be able to participate in the personal immunity mission. Because there is nothing that broadcasts “do not worry” to those who just made it clear to her that she is in last place – like giving her the opportunity to buy something to eat at the expense of her life in the game.

In my opinion, both tribes came out profitable from the sale. One tribe won machete and other ropes for building the camp, the other tribe won rice and a pot. And Jackie came out spacious in a pair of spare panties.

Jackie Azoulay (Photo: 13 screenshot)Jackie Azoulay (Photo: 13 screenshot)

In terms of personal rewards, the two halves of the Fire Stone, which were distributed one to each tribe, are not very helpful at the moment and it seems that they will not be useful at all, if no tribe tries to get their hands on the other half. The Libolan tribe is going to attack Apolaki’s tarpaulin in the next episode, but if this deal has two sides, I hang my hopes on Dudu Awat, who will be the responsible adult and will remember that without fire there is no rice. In addition, Odelia’s book of Psalms can provide a strong mental boost for her and for all believers on the island, and judging by the response of the participants, even before spending a week on the island, it is a reinforcement that they will soon need.

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