The Cervantes Institute will house in its Caja de las Letras until the year 2036 the notes as minutes, taken by Ignacio Serrano, professor of Civil Law at the University of Salamanca, during the act that took place on October 12, 1936 in the Auditorium of the University of Salamanca and in which the confrontation between the rector Miguel de Unamuno and General Millán Astray took place.

Unamuno’s grandson, Miguel de Unamuno Adarraga, and Ana Chaguaceda Toledano, director of the Unamuno House-Museum, have been in charge of introducing the In Memoriam legacy in box number 1695 of the Caja de las Letras, accompanied by Luis García Montero , director of the Instituto Cervantes.

The notes of the act celebrated in 1936 on the occasion of the Columbus Day festival record the confrontation between the rector Miguel de Unamuno and General Millán Astray. After this discussion, in which Unamuno pronounced the famous phrase ‘to win is not to convince’, the rector had to leave the University Auditorium accompanied by General Franco’s wife, Carmen Polo, to avoid attacks.

Later, the Basque writer suffered house confinement until his death. It is the only document that confirms that historical fact. They collect the words expressed by Unamuno and Millán Astray. They have been missing for 84 years and are reproduced and analyzed in the book ‘La doble muerte de Unamuno’, edited by Capitán Swing, by Luis García Jambrina and Manuel Menchón.

Chaguaceda explained that this document, which will be released again on October 12, 2036, coinciding with the centenary of the act of Salamanca and the death of Unamuno, rescues Unamuno’s “facet of public man” in “one of the moments toughest he had to face. “

“He was an older person for society at the time, a widower, who had lost one of his daughters … this moment had a very clear impact on his personal life and the document, which came out not long ago and is a donation from the family Serrano García, closes an issue that has caused so much controversy in recent years about what happened there, “said the director of the House Museum.

“It is not an autograph document of Unamuno but we have considered it very appropriate, since Ignacio Serrano comments with objectivity the words of both and their attitudes. With this written testimony we pay tribute to Unamuno, a man who dies with dignity, faithful to his ideas , coherent and rejecting extreme positions regardless of the color they were, “he pointed out.

Along the same lines, Unamuno’s grandson believes that the minutes “make clear the abhorrence of fascism” of the author of ‘Niebla’ “forever.” “I do not know if some do not know this because they cannot or do not want to, but this is the last and most reliable testimony of what happened that day and place,” he reiterated, reaffirming the “separation of fascism” from Unamuno “despite the sainete of the day of his burial “.

In addition to these minutes, a drawing by Miguel de Unamuno has also been deposited, representing Don Quixote crucified on a tree while Sancho cries. It is a drawing made in 1904 in the rectory of Salamanca with Don Quixote crucified on a tree in which many have wanted to see a tribute to the painting of Velázquez’s Christ.

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