“James Bond played by Sean Connery was actually a rapist”

“Sean Connery’s James Bond was actually a rapist,” Carrie Poconga, director of “No Time to Die,” James Bond’s next film and the 25th in a series of espionage films set to enter theaters next week, claimed.

Pokonga referred in an interview to the American newspaper and Hollywood Reporter to the 1965 film The Thunderball, the fourth film in the series, and especially to the spoken scene in which Bond, played by actor Sean Connery, encounters a sauna worker. In the scene, Bond kisses the employee against her will and then she asks him not to tell her bosses about it, for fear of losing her job. In response, Bond says, “Well, I guess there’s a price for my silence.” To this the worker replied: “You do not mean … oh no!”. Bond replied, “Oh yes” and then pushed her back, took off her clothes and had sex with her.

Pakonga said that “she told him ‘no no no’, and he replied ‘yes yes yes'”, adding: “such a thing would not have happened today in life”.

In the film “There is no time to die”, care was taken in the spirit of the time to maintain equality between the male and female characters. Lashna Lynch, who plays one of the two black female main characters, allegedly inherits the nickname 007 from Bond at the end of the film. Many believe that Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s involvement in writing the screenplay contributed to the adoption of the more egalitarian and feminist approach presented in it.

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