JK Rowling says she is threatened, British police are investigating

The author of the Harry Potter saga would have received this threat on Twitter after saying she was “disgusted” by the assassination attempt against Salman Rushdie: “Don’t worry, you’re next”.

British police said on Sunday they were investigating an alleged threat that Harry Potter author JK Rowling said she was targeted on Twitter after the attack on Salman Rushdie in the United States. JK Rowling had reacted to the aggression of the author of the satanic verses by saying “disgustedon the social network, adding hope for his recovery.

One user, who identifies himself on his profile as a student and political activist based in Karachi, Pakistan, had then replied: “don’t worry you’re next“. The tweet was later deleted but JK Rowling posted a screenshot, calling out Twitter for possible violations of its rules.

Threatened with death for afatwaof Iran in 1989, a year after the publication of thesatanic versesSalman Rushdie was stabbed a dozen times on Friday, an attack that outraged the West but was hailed by extremists in Iran and Pakistan.

«We have received information about an online threat and our agents are investigating“Said a spokeswoman for the police in Scotland, where the author lives.

Last year, J. K Rowling said she had received numerous death threats, she said, from transgender rights activists, of whom she has become a pet peeve in recent years. In 2020, JK Rowling had shared on Twitter an article evoking the “menstruating people“, commenting on it ironically:”I’m sure we had to have a word for these people. Someone help me. Fire? Woman? Feemm?“. She thus attracted the wrath of some Internet users, who reminded her that transgender men could have their period, but not transgender women.

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