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He is not one of the most important visual artists in Argentina.

The plastic artist Luis Felipe “Yuyo” No iinaugurate its new exhibition this Thursday “Ageless time “, a completely unpublished exhibition, which brings together the artist’s latest production and which will be exhibited at the Rubbers Gallery in the City of Buenos Aires.

With 88 years, Yuyo No, one of the most important visual artists in Argentina, With this exhibition he re-presents his work of the year, which is a November classic in the gallery and will be presented from 2 to 8 p.m.

The title of the exhibition “Time without age” refers to “a time that passes beyond the circumstances”, an idea that takes up the French anthropologist Marc Aug and his book “Time without age”, indicated the artist in his social networks .

“It is true that advanced age slows down some activities but does not exert any harmful action on the spirit of those who have not neglected to maintain vitality. In a word, tell me how you age and I will tell you who you were,” said the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

“The sample reflects my work during this year,” explained the artist and specified that it is made up of “two large works of three by two, some five intermediate works, a larger work, and another six small works called” Fragments “dedicated to phrases. from different writers. ”

“I am 88 years old and I have as a model the artists who did their best work in old age, such as Titian, Monet, Mattise, Goya, who are my example,” noted No.

Last year, No had three simultaneous shows as part of a tribute to the artist and his different times with “Mnage a trois”, a project shared by the galleries Rubbers, Gachi Prieto and Jacques Martnez.

With free admission, the exhibition can be visited by appointment in shifts, Monday through Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., at the Galera Rubbers, located on Avenida Alvear 1640.

Those who wish to reserve tickets can do so on the gallery page ( or on the artist’s social networks (@noeyuyonoe and @yuyonoe).

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