Corona restrictions, which included closures, led to a sharp drop in ticket sales in cinemas in 2020, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, which published data on cinemas in Israel.

During 2020, only 2.2 million tickets were sold in cinemas, compared with about 17.7 million in 2019. Last year, there were 52 cinemas in Israel, including 64,303 seats, which were closed for many months due to the Corona crisis.

The largest number of cinemas (14), seats (18,216) and tickets sold (828,776) was last year in the Central District. In contrast, the lowest number of cinemas (4) was in Jerusalem while the smallest number of seats (2,170) was in the Northern District.

Following the Corona restrictions, eight cinemas (about 15%) went online last year and reported selling 80,473 links to watch movies or participate in other online activities, of which 30,386 were links to Israeli movies.

The data also show that last year 446 Israeli films were screened in cinemas and cinemas in Israel, of which only seven Israeli films are members of the Film Industry Association.

In 2020, 86 feature films were approved for screening by the Film Review Committee, compared with 308 feature films in 2019. 29 of the films screened in 2020 in Israel were produced in the United States and 18 in Israel.

After most of the Corona’s restrictions were lifted during 2021 and movies can be viewed in cinemas as part of the green label layout, it is estimated that by the end of the current year the data will indicate a sharp jump in the number of tickets sold compared to 2020. Today is Israeli Cinema Day, and Israeli films will be screened throughout the country at a nominal cost of only ten shekels.

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