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Another science fiction series comes to us from South Korea, and this time its protagonist is a brilliant engineer who recently lost his brother, is in a mental crisis, then meets a woman who turns out to be from the future, and is exposed to dangerous secrets. Despite quite a bit of clutter in the first few episodes – the future, contrary to the good thoughts we have about it, is probably quite messy – “Sisyphus” connects the viewer well to his seat.

The plot is good, original, maintains a good pace and does not drag on. Like its well-known sister, “The Squid Game,” the characters in South Korea are apparently of little importance to creators and audiences.

In a Scandinavian series for example, a similar script or dialogue would not pass the guard at the photo studio gate. The character of the protagonist – the detective in this matter – is also at least a widow, with Asperger’s syndrome, or another emotional weight that the writers sewed for her. In South Korea, at least according to the series coming to us on Netflix, there is no demand for this commodity.

A South Korean viewer is not looking for soul-searching. He wants a clear and simple action TV, and then gets out of bed, sleeps a healthy and thoughtless sleep, and in the morning goes to the factory to design and produce a new smartphone. In this respect, “Sisyphus” produces exactly the desired product for him.

This, by the way, is an excellent division of labor. When the Scandinavians tried to produce their own science fiction for Netflix, the result was nothing short of torturing the viewer. Anyone who missed the “Katla” series – centered on the well-known Iceland volcano that has already blackened the skies of Europe in its latest eruption – can only congratulate him on his good fortune.

The plot crawled, the atmosphere was gray and depressing under the influence of the flakes of ashes that hovered in the air non-stop, “Killing” killed its viewers mercilessly. So the recent division – South Korean science fiction and tormented detectives from Scandinavia – is the best and right, and Netflix should be congratulated on that.

#See or give up: See. An effective and non-disturbing series.

Or give up: see. An effective and non-disturbing series.

Flick to the incoming governor, social media

Have you seen the video with the Iranian provincial governor getting a juicy slap from the annoyed Revolutionary Guardsman? Haven’t you seen? Quickly search YouTube. Arouses the person to think about the culture of debate, and culture in general, among the great Iranian nation and especially among the Revolutionary Guards. After all, they and their leaders are known for their easy-going temperament and discretion, and suddenly, a kind of flick right inside the governor. regrettable. So unfortunate.

#See or give up: Sure to see.

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