Zayn Malik goes into a custody battle

This past weekend Hollywood was stormed by the surprising separation of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, who broke up after Zayn attacked Gigi’s mother, Yolanda. The assault reportedly occurred late last month, and since then the two Zayn and Gigi have been raising their 13-month-old daughter in co-parenting. Now those close to the star are shedding some more light on the next steps that have happened.

In a conversation with the Mirror, Zayn’s business partner talked about the joint parenting agreements that will soon be forged between the star and Gigi. “Zayn and Gigi raise Kai in co-parenting. Zayn will fight his body with any claim that his nerve problems make him unfit to take care of his daughter.” According to other sources, Zayn’s partner, Gigi, also aspires for her daughter’s father to raise the baby with her in co-parenting. “She insists on Zayn’s ability to raise Kai,” insiders said.

Call it “Dutch ***”. Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid | Photo: twitter / @ Complex

The dramatic attack happened on September 29 while Gigi was in Paris, and Zayn was with their one-year-old daughter at their home in Pennsylvania. According to the report, Zayn called Yolanda a “Dutch bitch” and demanded that she stay away from his daughter. “Zayn pushed Yolanda on her dresser and caused her great physical and mental pain,” according to the report. Zayn called Gigi and shouted at her on the phone, “Raise eggs and protect your spouse from your mother in my house.”

Malik received 90 days probation for each section – 360 days imprisonment in total. Zayn will go to an anger management workshop and take part in a program to prevent domestic violence, and I was forbidden to make any contact with Yolanda. In six months, if he meets the conditions set before him, a judge will be able to release him from probation.

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